House vandalised on Lovers Lane

The last thing any homeowner wants to wake up to is walking out the front door to find that your house has been vandalized. That was the reality for one Ancaster family and they’re now trying to clean up the mess after their house was covered with hateful graffiti overnight. The crime happened sometime between 10pm when Julie Hall’s mother and father went to bed and 3am when her mother noticed smudges on one of their windows. At the time, she wasn’t sure what it was and in the morning, upon discovering the graffiti she called her daughter.Despite the sparkly pink hue and the fanciful, curly writing style, the words are ugly “I should burn this house. This tree is worth 10,000 of you.” Not only on the garages, but the driveway, windows and door, patio stones and stucco.The tree in question was an oak that once stood on the city-owned setback on Lovers Lane and was deemed a hazard by a certified arborist. It had to be remobed before it fell on something or worse, someone. That work finished on Thursday. It was on city property and it was damaged and dangerous, when looking at the stump up close it was obvious that it was rotting in the middle. The fact that there were bright pink markings on the stump proves that who ever committed this crime could see that for themselves.The family is still trying to figure out how to clean up the paint, in fact they may have to repaint the entire house to fix the vandalism. To make matters worse, two months ago Julie’s father unexpectedly underwent surgery to remove a tumor, and he’s trying to recover. With their recent medical crisis the family’s financial situation has suffered and they’re feeling very overwhelmed.Hamilton Police were on the scene Friday to take a statement but haven’t said anything regarding what they can do about it, if anything, especially since there doesn’t appear to be any surveillance footage. read more