Australian Camp Diary – Kimberley Sue See

first_imgAustralian Women’s Open squad member, Kimberley Sue See tells about the squad’s training camp on the weekend in the lead up to the 2015 Touch World Cup in April/May this year. Aussie camps always bring some butterflies to the stomach the night before. We rocked up at Cavendish Road High School early Saturday morning to start what was going to be a fun but challenging weekend. As the girls trickled in, the catch ups began and it was like no time had passed. Poor Laura was so sick she couldn’t train. Once everyone was ready Belly called us into the auditorium to kick the weekend off. He welcomed the four invited Queensland players to the training camp who played in the recent Youth Trans Tasman Series and High Performance Director, Cathy Gray who flew up to help us during the weekend. With the initial formalities out of the way we got straight into our favourite session, fitness. Unfortunately, because of injury, Jess and I couldn’t take part but we were there to encourage the girls as they did the Chancellor test, the same test as last camp. And as if the test wasn’t hard enough on its own, the Brisbane heat made it tougher, but the girls pushed through and smashed it. Thankfully the lollies were on hand for recovery. After a well-earned break, and many pikelets, we got into our second session of the day, rucking. In order to refresh our memories, we ran up and down the field going over our rucking moves. Once again ‘fun zone’ (don’t be fooled by the name) made a return to the camp and our first challenge, rucking off our line and trying to score off the end of the set. The squad was split into two teams, the experienced cows vs. the younger ducks. This time the fun zone was a little more fun for us ducks, taking out the first challenge of the weekend. The punishment for the cows, eight sets of diamond sit ups, kindly thought up by Phil. It was then once again time to eat and after the girls got some lunch from the amazing spread Marto put on for us, many used the down time to have a well-deserved nap.There was no time for a slow start after lunch as we got straight into our next fun zone challenge, preventing effective half running. It was a close game but once again the mighty ducks came out on top. We then got into practicing defence during game play with a bit of half field scrummage. It was good working on defence and even better testing it with different attacking plays. With session three finished it was time for the cows’ fun zone punishment, small sideways shuffles, one thought up by Swingers. The real reward for the ducks was watching Jess and Weezo! During the last session of the day we worked on line attack and defence, finishing the day with cows vs. ducks in the 20m Touch game. As the storm clouds rolled over, the cows fought back, not wanting to do the fun zone punishment again, and won the last challenge of the day. Unfortunately (or fortunately for the ducks) the rain and hail prevented us from undertaking our punishment. Thank you mother nature! With quick ice baths and showers completed, it was then off to the Holland Park Hotel for a big feed. We rocked up nice and early Sunday to start our last day of training. This wasn’t as early as Em and Sammy though, who spent half an hour on the bikes before training started! We got straight into game play on Sunday, splitting into Cows vs. Ducks for a full 40 minute game of Touch. It was tough not playing with a full team of 12, especially in the searing heat. Thanks to Sammy Rodgers and Mia Johnstone, who stayed on the whole game, giving the middles and links in the ducks team more subs. I found this session of the camp the most challenging because not only was I playing with the best, I was playing against the best, which is both testing and rewarding. We then had a short break during which Catherine Sargent surprised us with a visit, which all the girls loved. It was then into full field scenarios. In this session both the cows and ducks were given certain situations in which we may find ourselves during a game, decide on a game plan to accommodate the scenario and execute it in a short 2-3 minute game. Once again the cows showed their experience and skills defeating us ducks. The last session of the camp consisted of a game against an invitation Men’s team. This was another tough match, but the girls showed just why they are in the Australian Open Women’s Squad, all playing and executing with quality and finesse. I definitely don’t envy the coaches on deciding on a World Cup team. Any one of the girls could put on a green and gold jersey tomorrow and play an outstanding World Cup series. First and foremost the squad would like to thank Belly, Swingers and Phil for putting together and facilitating this camp as well as coaching us. We would also like to thank Marto for her continuous hard work in making sure we are fed, hydrated and healthy. Many thanks to Cathy Gray for coming up and supporting us players as well as Marto and the coaches. I know we all love having you there.Also thanks to the Physios for keeping our bodies together and Glen for taking pictures of our training. To Jemma, Ash, Mia and Katherine, thank you for coming in and training with us. And lastly to the girls, thank you so much for a great weekend! All the hard work is worth playing with amazing people like yourselves!Keep in touch with all of the latest news and information in the lead up to the 2015 World Cup:2015 World CupWebsite – www.touchworldcup.comFacebook – – – Football AustraliaWebsite – – – – LinksAUS Camp Diarylast_img

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