Bulatovic and Penezic to Valcea

Andrea PenezićKatarina Bulatovic Oltchim Valcea are finally through the crisis that affected them after the early knock-out from the Champions League and the Anja Andersen episode, and now they’re preparing for the next season. The trophy that is their long-standing wish might be even closer, if they manage to revitalize the team for the next season, and bring their primary targets – Katarina Bulatovic and Andrea Penezic.Reports say Bulatovic might be very close to joining Valcea – even though the club has denied this saying she made peace with her Montenegrin club, as the raise of monthly pay that she requested – 6,000 eur more, for a total of 10,000 eur a month might not go through. She asked for this amount after she found out that Bojana Popovic is actually receiving 400,000 euros per season, which is 6-7 times more than anyone else’s season pay. Firstly at war, now it seems she is at peace with the club, but we’re yet to see what the summer will bring us.Penezic is another target of Valcea, but it seems that now Tiselj is back to Krim, she might stay, as the team is supposed to remain strong, and Penezic is one of the keyplayers.photo: hatharom.hu ← Previous Story Sandi Sola, President of CHF until 2015 Next Story → Drago Vukovic to Lubbecke!

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