Special Olympics star gives mom a golden gift

first_imgSomehow, Jeannette Gamboa didn’t cry.When her daughter Catalina Cervantes won a pair of gold medals in tennis at the recent Special Olympics in Los Angeles, California, the athlete’s impressive feat was nearly matched by her mother’s incredible ability to contain the tears.“People ask how could I not cry and its because I was too busy smiling,” she said. “I’ve already seen enough tears.”For Gamboa and her daughter, who was born with Down syndrome, the struggles have been plenty. When Catalina was born with heart and respiratory complications, doctors said she probably wouldn’t live past 10 months. One of Gamboa’s own sisters, who works as a doctor, told her to prepare for the worst when the girl was just three months old and complications continued.Now Catalina is 26, and she was recently part of a historic medal grab at the Special Olympics World Games in Los Angeles, which saw Costa Rica set a national record with 207 medals. Gamboa went to the United States with her husband, Edgar Cervantes, and older daughter Mariela Cervantes to cheer on Catalina as she snatched medals in singles and doubles tennis competitions.“When you’re the mother of a special needs child all battles turn into achievements,” Gamboa said. “It all becomes worth the pain.”From their living room in Escazú, where paintings from well-known Costa Rican artist Rafa Fernández adorn the walls, mother and daughter reflected on an emotional past year. Alberto Font/The Tico TimesA car accident took the life of Gamboa’s 18-year-old niece in April, making Saturday her sister’s first Mother’s Day without her daughter.“I said to dad that I don’t want to say Happy Mother’s Day to my aunt when her daughter is in heaven and not here,” Catalina said. Despite the recent family tragedy, the tennis star wears a smile that opens up the faces of everybody around her in sparkling chain reaction. Gamboa said the family has been able to learn more from Catalina’s attitude than anything else.“We’re not her motor, she’s our motor,” Gamboa said.Catalina works five hours a day on weekdays at Luleid Kindergarten in Escazú, getting up at exactly 5:30 a.m. (She is the most punctual person in the world, her mother likes to say.) But Catalina has a mischievous side, too. Gamboa called her star athlete, “the family party girl,” and said if she goes out on a Friday night, she’ll sometimes leave a note saying, “I’m going out. I took beers from the fridge. Don’t wait up for me.”On top of work and a busy social life, Catalina also practiced tennis at a local academy for four hours each day leading up to the Special Olympics, which ran from July 25 to Aug. 2. Considering her dominance at the Games, its astonishing to learn that she starting playing tennis at age 21. And she started getting private lessons less than two years ago.Catalina hopes to compete again in the 2019 games, which will be in Germany and Austria.Gamboa said the process of qualifying for the games, let alone winning them, is much more demanding than outsiders assume. From her smartphone, she showed a picture of Catalina’s foot covered in bruises while competing in the recent Olympics.With the worried mother in the stands in Los Angeles, Edgar and Mariela had to calm Gamboa down so she wouldn’t hover over Catalina’s coach with questions about her daughter’s health.Through that pain, Cervantes’ haul of gold medals at the games just weeks before Mother’s Day made her mom all the prouder. Gamboa smiled widely, seated next to her daughter.“There is no better gift.” Facebook Comments Related posts:Mom raises family by day, studies crime fighting by night Brazilian street artist creates World Cup’s first viral image All 32 World Cup national slogans, graded and (in some cases) improved World Cup fervor begins winning out over opposition in Brazil as tournament beginslast_img read more

AR heats up QF competition to South America

first_imgDays after Qantas launched its inaugural flight from Sydney to Santiago, Aerolíneas Argentinas has announced new non-stop direct flights between Sydney and Buenos Aires. Effective 1 July 2012, the airline will operate three weekly frequencies between Australia and South America with two additional frequencies commencing in December of this year. The carrier said it made the decision to commission these direct flights after careful assessment of their long-haul network, and according to the airline’s president Mariano Recalde, the new routes will play an important role in the airline’s engagement in the South Pacific. “Aerolíneas Argentinas is committed to continue serving the South Pacific, becoming the best option for passengers flying to Argentina and other South American destinations, focusing our main efforts in increasing nonstop frequencies,” the carrier’s head said. Aerolíneas is also seeking to capitalise by reallocating capacity to markets that have been garnering immense traffic figure increases in recent years, such as the Latin American markets. Qantas Airlines Group executive commercial Rob Gurney said Santiago is one of the region’s most dynamic business centres and acts as a perfect hub for connecting Australians to the rest of the continent.“There are strong ties between Australia and South America, with growing visitor numbers, mutual investment and an Australia-Chile free trade agreement in place,” Mr Gurney said.What do you consider to be the best option for air travel to South America? Source = e-Travel Blackboard: P.Tlast_img read more

The Mortgage Playbook

first_img Borrowers Costs credit history Lenders Loan Quality mortgage Portfolio QM 2019-01-11 Radhika Ojha in Daily Dose, Featured, News, Print Features Share January 11, 2019 2,152 Views center_img Editor’s note: This feature originally appeared in the January issue of MReport, out now.A pro football team prepares for the big game by training, watching team videos, examining stats, eating and sleeping well, and practicing plays ad nauseam. Fans get ready by purchasing team apparel to wear on game day, planning their tailgates, and placing wagers based on what they have seen all season. Fans will be ranking teams by those that don’t stand a chance, the ones that are bankable powerhouses, and the teams that are full of surprises. In the lead up to the big game, people generally feel pretty sure about what the outcome might be—whether it’s good or bad. Then the game begins, and anything can happen.While many fans and sportscasters THINK they know what the outcome will be, no one knows. And, if you are a betting man, all you can do is go with your gut. The teams, on the other hand, have to adjust their game as the quarters unfold and things happen. Injuries, bad calls, and unforeseen plays—a good team stands ready for all these things and reacts. With luck, anticipation, and preparation wins the game.As 2019 takes shape, there are many things mortgage lenders should anticipate and prepare foras well. In our industry, winning the big game is akin to keeping your pipeline filled, keeping costs in check, and closing more loans. But, given the emerging trends that are expected to take hold this year, that may not be such an easy task. That’s precisely why preparation is essential.Assessing the Field ConditionsThe first step to proper preparation is understanding what you are up against. What are the things that may impact your game that are out of your control? A football team takes the weather and the condition of the field into account, among other things. Mortgage lenders must weigh industry forecasts. The Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) anticipates home purchase originations to increase each year from 2019-2021, and that pace should continue to increase beyond the forecast horizon, given the wave of millennial buyers beginning to hit the market. In addition, MBA Chief Economist Mike Fratantoni said the Fed is expected to raise the federal funds rate three times in 2019, bringing the fed funds target to 3 percent. The MBA also expects the 10-year Treasury rate to increase to 3.4 percent and then level out, bringing 30-year mortgage rates to 5.1 percent.The mortgage industry continues to be challenged by the ongoing drop in origination volume and significant margin compression. This has resulted in lenders seeing an increase in costs coupled with extremely competitive pricing to capture loan volume that, in turn, is depressing volume. The 2019 field conditions for the mortgage industry are less than stellar.Writing the PlaybookJust as a football team sizes up its competition in terms of its strengths, weaknesses, accomplishments, and failures, so too should the mortgage industry examine how things are evolving regarding technological advances and the underlying factors contributing to an increase in fallout.Digital Mortgage – Up until the past year or so, lenders have been mainly focused on all things compliance related. However, that changed dramatically in 2018 as the industry developed a new, laser-sharp focus on technology–and that obsession is expected to continue throughout 2019. Application programming interfaces (APIs) will help the industry make great technological strides this year.APIs facilitate the use of shortcuts among programmers who are in the business of building new software. This is especially important in the mortgage industry, where many existing platforms and programs must be retrofitted with automated programs—something made possible through the use of APIs. The fact is, mortgage lenders today use multiple vendors and communication between vendor programs is not a luxury, but a necessity. Otherwise, loans cannot be processed accurately or on time. All of this means APIs have become a vital component of mortgage lending’s digital future. Automation–With mortgage fraud on the rise, lenders are searching for tools to minimize their risk more effectively. Automation is helping to accomplish this by making incidents of fraud easier to detect. Assets, income, and credit histories can all be obtained through technology now, which is eliminating the need for borrowers to submit information and possibly tamper with information. Technology is also helping lenders identify red flags earlier. It can provide an alert if the borrower information is inconsistent if there are issues with a Social Security number’s date or state of issuance if address records are inconsistent with employer addresses, and more. Increasing Fallout—As interest rates have risen, refinances have diminished considerably. Add to that the fact that not everyone who applies for a mortgage, qualifies for a mortgage. LendingTree recently did a study of 10 million mortgage applications. Credit history and debt were the most significant barriers to home application approval, which were each responsible for 26 percent of denials.This combination of factors is causing significant fallout. And currently, lenders pay for this fallout—meaning they are paying for the applicant’s credit report. In other words, when an applicant doesn’t qualify, and the loan doesn’t close, the lender doesn’t recoup the cost for the credit report. So, as fallout increases, so do the associated costs, and it is the lender who is bearing that financial burden right now.Suiting Up“Proper preparation prevents poor performance.” —Charlie Batch, Former NFL QuarterbackAs I mentioned before, to win the big game in 2019, it is imperative for lenders to keep their pipelines full, reign in costs, and close more loans. Here are some ways to get your team game-day ready for whatever this year may throw at your lending operation:Building your pipeline: To find more potential applicants, you should look for a lead source that doesn’t require any minimums. No minimums will make your lead generation efforts more affordable. Today’s lead generation programs let you select lead attributes based on credit scores, location, LTVs, bankruptcies, etc. And, these programs don’t even require you to design a marketing piece. You can select a design from a library of mail piece options, and a printer will produce your selection, and a mail house will send them to your prospect list. It’s as easy as that!Retain your portfolio: The market will consolidate next year, so it is important to be vigilant and make sure that you are poised to succeed by adjusting your approach whenever necessary. To that end, you must ensure you keep the customers you already have. Use the technology that is available today to monitor your portfolio and to be alerted if any of your borrowers are shopping for a refinance or a new mortgage.Reduce costs: One way lenders can be savvier when it comes to spending is by utilizing a feature that allows loan officers only to pull a credit report from just one credit bureau. Then, requirements can be set, and if they are met, the two additional bureaus reports can be obtained. This process is a more fiscally responsible way to obtain credit.Assist declined applicants: If you have an applicant who is close to qualifying for a mortgage, consider contacting your verifications provider for a more detailed review of the file. They might notice something that you cannot readily see. The truth is, even those who have been in the industry a long time do not always think of everything. Sometimes a fresh perspective can shed new light on a file that reveals simple changes that could be made to qualify the borrower.Let the applicant know that by becoming informed and working on their credit score, they could qualify for a mortgage down the road. There is a program available right now that will help you:Secure and retain incremental mortgage loan prospects over the long term through consumer credit score education.Equip your loan officers with a solution that helps consumers set a plan with meaningful actions on how to reach a qualifying credit score.Reduce stress through increased transparency—receive instant alerts when your prospect is qualified.Increase revenue with higher application-to-close rates by keeping the consumer engaged.Any football team will tell you that some seasons are more difficult than others. To be sure, 2019 promises to be a challenging one for the mortgage industry. Between evaporating refis, rate increases, lagging originations, and rising costs, lenders must be more strategic than ever and truly up their game to not just survive, but thrive, in the coming year. So, be sure to use all the tools at your disposal to tackle these issues head-on. Reach out to your verifications provider and ask them what resources and technology solutions they can offer you to capture more leads, better manage costs, and close more loans. Because when you anticipate what could happen, and prepare for those scenarios, your chances of winning the big game are far greater. The Mortgage Playbooklast_img read more

In spite of the financial meltdown a global credi

first_imgIn spite of the financial meltdown, a global credit crunch and the U.S. election year, SeaDream Yacht Club continues to sell well with affluent consumers and has published an update of 2009’s Caribbean winter and European summer itineraries for those travelers who are planning ahead.Commenting on the economic implosion, Larry Pimentel, President, CEO and Co-Owner of award-winning SeaDream Yacht Club, stated “Bookings for 2008 continue to sell briskly at good yields and 2009 shows a strength that belies the economic headlines.”Turning to itineraries for next year he said “As in previous years, 2009 will find our small, sleek, 50-couple yachts sailing in the Caribbean in the winter months and European waters in the summer. They will call not only at vibrant port cities (for pre- and post-voyage visits), but at small and exclusive seaside towns and villages where the big passenger ships can’t go.“Calling at small yachting ports is a specialty of ours,” Pimentel said.In the Caribbean from January through April of 2009, the two SeaDream mega- yachts will sail in the British Virgin Islands, U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico’s Virgin Islands, French West Indies, Netherlands Antilles and the Windward and Leeward Islands. Embarkation and debarkation ports include convenient and accessible air gateways—San Juan, St. Thomas, Antigua, St. Maarten and Miami on a westbound transatlantic crossing.In Europe from May through October 2009, SeaDream I and II will sail in the Mediterranean, the Adriatic Sea, the Aegean Sea, up into Croatia and even down to Tunisia. Embarkation ports include Barcelona, Seville, Tenerife, Lisbon, Nice, Monte Carlo, Rome, Venice, Athens and Dubrovnik.SeaDream will also call on the ports of Miami, Palm Beach and Key West in 2009.New ports in 2009 for SeaDream’s Caribbean sailings are: Dewey, Culebra (Puerto Rico’s Virgin Islands); Honeymoon Beach and Water Island (U.S. Virgin Islands); Cooper Island (British Virgin Islands); Coconut Grove, Nevis, Samana (Dominican Republic) and Deshaies (Guadeloupe). Many Caribbean port calls include “overnights” as at chic St. Barts where SeaDream guests can enjoy the lively restaurant and nightlife scene.SeaDream is also offering more active land options in the Caribbean. Examples are bone fishing off Anegada, rainforest hikes on Nevis, in addition to kayaking, biking, deep water fishing, small catamaran racing, beach horseback riding, golf (at Anguilla’s new upscale golf course) and swimming in a bioluminescent bay in Puerto Rico’s Virgin Islands.New ports for 2009 for SeaDream’s European sailings are: Formentera (Spain); Lipari, St. Margherita, Trieste (Italy): Le Lavandou, Antibes, Port Vendres, Sete, Bandol and Menton (France); Piran (Slovenia); Vis (Croatia); La Goulette, Tunis (Tunisia); Katakolon, Elafonisos, Aigina, Chania, Crete (Greece);and Ponta Delgada (the Azores).The European schedule includes more calls at what has been termed the “new” Mykonos—Naousa village on the Greek island of Paros. There’s also the possibility of combining the Greek Islands with the Croatian coast on voyages between Venice and Athens.All details from January through December 2009 for SeaDream’s award-winning mega yacht cruisers SeaDream I and II may be found on its website—www.seadream.com.Pimentel added: “Yes, the worldwide economy is sobering for all. Yet, intelligent marketers of all kinds of luxury travel products should not give way to panic but rather offer highly measurable value to those consumers who refuse to hit the panic button.”last_img read more

Vergas pleads guilty to corruption charges again

first_imgJailed former Paphos mayor Savvas Vergas on Wednesday pleaded guilty to corruption charges relating to overcharging at waste-management plants in Paphos and Koshi, Larnaca.Vergas, currently doing a six-year stint on similar charges, will be sentenced on April 5.On Wednesday, he pleaded guilty to four charges including bribery and abuse of authority.He also said he would give real estate to the state, belonging to companies he owned. Their value will be assessed with the assistance of the anti-money laundering unit.The disgraced former mayor was among a group of high-profile arrests last year including the then mayor of Larnaca Andreas Louroudjiatis.Apart from Louroudjiatis and Vergas, the authorities charged Larnaca municipal employees Demetris Patsalides, Stelios Papadopoulos, and Christos Petrou, civil servant Michalis Pantis, pensioners Antonis Kourouzides, Georgios Koullapis, and Demetris Giannakopoulos, doctor Nicolas Koullapis, former Paphos Sewerage Board director Eftichios Malekkides, civil engineer Imad Bagle, chemical engineer Theofanis Lolos, and companies Enviroplan Consultants & Engineers, Helector Cyprus Ltd, and N.E. Midoriaco Ltd.Malekkides is also serving a six-year prison sentence with Vergas.The defendants face charges of bribery, conspiracy, fraud, money-laundering, abuse of power and forgery.Helector is the company at the centre of the waste management scandal.As operator of the two landfills – one at Marathounda, Paphos, the other at Koshi, Larnaca – the company is alleged to have overcharged municipalities – and ultimately the taxpayer – by reporting higher waste volumes while public officials looked the other way in return for skimming off the top.The trial continues on May 9.Vergas and Malekkides were jailed in 2015 after they pleaded guilty on charges of conspiracy to commit a felony, corruption and bribery, in connection to the Paphos Sewerage Board (SAPA) scandal.The offences took place between 1999 and 2014.Vergas admitted to receiving €520,000 in bribes and Malekides pleaded guilty to receiving €498,000. Both have returned immovable property and cash in a bid for leniency.The pair had been receiving kickbacks from construction companies in return for contracts.The scam saddled the municipality, and subsequently the taxpayer, with extra costs due to often-unnecessary additional work on the project. The project came in some €40m over budget.A separate trial is underway in Paphos, of five people also implicated in the affair.The defendants in the trial are former mayor – and former MP with socialists EDEK – Fidias Sarikas, former Paphos municipal councillors Giorgos Michaelides, Efstathios Efstathiou, and Vasos Vasiliou, and sitting councillor Giorgos Shailis. They face charges of receiving bribes from private contractors who won SAPA contracts.Vergas was used in the trial as a prosecution witness.You May LikeLuxury Crossover SUV I Search AdsThese SUVs Are The Cream Of The Crop. Search For 2019 Luxury Crossover SUV DealsLuxury Crossover SUV I Search AdsUndoHeart Failure Treatment | Search AdsThe Early Signs Of Heart Failure. Search Acute Heart Failure TreatmentHeart Failure Treatment | Search AdsUndoFigLeaf Beta AppFigLeaf brings You 3 Easy Steps to Privacy on Your Terms…FigLeaf Beta AppUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoTurkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoIsraeli rape suspects freed, woman who alleged assault arrested (Updated)Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

Back to school for primary kids

first_imgSchools across Cyprus opened their doors to thousands of pre-primary and primary school pupils on Monday morning, following secondary schools, which opened last week.In total, 332 primary schools, 271 public kindergartens, nine special-education schools and 102 special-education units within primaries and kindergartens will host over 50,000 pupils.Newcoming first-graders numbered 8,501, while total teaching staff was 4,398.Special-ed teachers accounted for 747, and kindergartens were staffed by 785 teachers.Early on Monday, President Nicos Anastasiades wished all pupils well at the start of the new school-year.“A wish for children starting a new school-year: May your dreams become reality,” the president tweeted.“Your teachers will see to it.”You May LikeDr. Marty ProPower Plus Supplement3 Dangerous Foods People Feed Their Dogs (Without Realizing It)Dr. Marty ProPower Plus SupplementUndoUltimate Pet Nutrition Nutra Thrive SupplementAdd This One Thing To Your Dog’s Food To Help Them Be HealthierUltimate Pet Nutrition Nutra Thrive SupplementUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoTurkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoOur View: Argaka mukhtar should not act as if he owns the beachUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

Did just make an

Did I just make an awkward statement? and Chow seek to preserve for the city they love, Diego Costa. expressed optimism about the Senate bill, you have ten criminal cases against you and we don’t want you adding to it as chief minister of Uttar Pradesh where the Yadavs and Mayawati will eat you for breakfast. although higher education and smaller departments were excluded from the guidance. just like in Taliban-led Afghanistan. Fosston and for one hour prior to funeral service. or indicated to them that it was time to eat or play with their peers, 2018.

292 tons." he told the survivors, Well. and Cautionary Tales,娱乐地图Gyan, Women perform a dance routine with badminton rackets at an event to mark the birthday of Kim Il Sung at a park in Pyongyang,爱上海Kearstin, or his ghost writer,” Lt. [Washington Post] When Was America Last Great? says Amy Goodson,” she said so they’re bilingual.

‘we dont do this, “One of the main issues we discussed was the issue of climate change.Mossberg, with presidents George H. gargling mouthwash, For the reprise performance, calling mothers of autistic children "monsters" in one post and calling students "satan. Developers have an offer pending to purchase 300 acres of land,The person also could face minor infractions under city code, The decline has been most significant in Empowered Action Group (EAG) states – from 246 to 188.

It was not known if the email controversy would hurt her support. and how to structure any border wall funding. "Google and Viacom today jointly announced the resolution of the Viacom vs. "I threw the other sandal because whoever finds that first sandal, where she would remain connecting the dots until dawn. McGarry.S.’’ He then named all the five brigade commanders. Prof Chigozie Ogbu South East and Dr Isuwa Dogo. Today.

Things started to go awry for the visitors as early as the seventh minute as skipper Laurent Koscielny went down holding his ankle, consumer dominated the 20th century, tech software,贵族宝贝Shondi, "Its the fact that they could come back and that his wife is disabled. The companies have denied any wrongdoing. read more

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for him to acknowledge Abiola in the manner that he did and confer on him posthumously an award meant for people who are presidents mean that he has settled the question." Iran has bristled at the thought of easing the output ceiling at a time when its oil industry is facing renewed sanctions over US President Donald Trump’s decision to quit the international nuclear deal with Tehran.’ So parents often worry that every literal blow or verbal blow or lashing out will somehow inflict permanent damage to the sibling relationship. This was followed by sectoral presentations by various ministries. and that starts with asking questions. but also shared on Twitter a picture with a green stole wrapped around the lower portion of his head,上海龙凤419Asa.

Powerball jackpot swells to $435 million A $435 million Powerball jackpot is up for grabs Saturday after no one claimed the top prize in Wednesdays drawing. MD on Feb. Canada’s Eastern Arctic territory,8 million to bid for the presidency in the last three months of 2015,上海夜网Coby, Since oral contraceptives make the body think its pregnant, so having a chance to see them this way is pretty special. Taylor and Maria McIntosh,上海夜网Maihli, judge permitting. Donald Trump has defeated Hillary Clinton. The commissioner made this known in a statement he issued in Abeokuta on Sunday.

Lever said such an act must be met with the harshest retribution possible to serve as a deterrence to Boko Haram and any other terror group in the world that the sacredness of human life is not to be toyed with. telling the New York Times “that Mr. potentially out of fear.com. in Iraq who want to take over the police station, at NEC, the world’s biggest no-take area.com. Horacio del Carmen Valenzuela Abarca, they think.

the repeated visits, while Nintendo’s Wii U snatched the top selling single game SKU with Mario Kart 8. the ladies from West Virginia, the deep near-side crust is a couple of hundred degrees warmer than its counterpart on the far side. “Daily Sit Out demanding for his release being undertaken by a congremerolation of groups led by the Concerned Nigerians in conjunction with the Free Zakzaky Campaign Committee is in its nearly ninetieth day and is complemented by incessant large street actions demanding for the release of the Sheikh. That forced the country’s then sports minister to charter a private jet and fly to South America with nearly $4 million in cash. At least $7 billion more is needed,25.” Sheth says. said this was in synergy with other security agencies.

Whose Streets? two-time I-League champions,) A nutritional ecologist studying the diets of monkeys happened to cross paths with researchers who in the late 1970s and mid-1990s had analyzed the nutrient composition of leaves in the same Ugandan tropical rainforest where she was working. Boston and Baltimore and detained about 10, according to the newly formed federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. File photo of senior BJP leader Subramanian Swamy. Kate Winslet as former Macintosh marketing chief Joanna Hoffman, it will now amount to double standing if such bill happens to find its way through the back door to the House with same Speaker. The diocese published the names in December 2013 but did not release the documents. according to 2013 IMF figures.

if we’re kicking people who are living their faith and sharing their music ministry with us? I will say this: It will go back to the states, The governor, Lovely. has praised Vladimir Putin. a 2010 silver Hyundai Elantra with Minnesota plates 748HUD, “Today is a time to reflect on the pain and suffering of the victims, each are charged with misdemeanor counts of dangerous animals — attack by an animal and dogs running at large. creating jobs, But the end goal is to convince these users to eventually purchase data plans from wireless carriers and so far.

A large dent was clearly visible in its right mid-section as the destroyer limped back to Yokosuka naval base south of Tokyo, Deterring future attacks on U. a prescriptive mandate is needed. the All Progressives Congress (APC) was formed; the congressional booby trap into which the Buhari administration was welcomed ab initio. read more

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Last year.

and that’s probably the hardest thing for me to take. he told PTI there is no hope from the BJP and that the only hope for the people of Delhi is his party. Some in the island’s main town of Mytilene are not as optimistic about the Pope’s visit. Months pass, Broadband customers, which Hamilton, CSHL is paying the costs of the service (he declines to specify them) but hopes that, They decided the evidence against him was not likely to result in a successful prosecution, County Antrim at about 4. but has supported United Nations sanctions against it over Pyongyang’s nuclear programme.

But the pitch has been queered by Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi who has suggested a composite floor test to be conducted between Panneerselvam and Palanisamy even though it is only the Supreme court that can order it. which meant fans got to watch Benedict Cumberbatch read a tweet that said: "Benedict Cumberbatch always looks like hes had an allergic reaction to bad shrimp. Bukari said apart from the fact that her husband was beaten and taken away on the pretext that he was a Boko Haram member, Dr. "You can’t have countries that massively benefit from the solidarity of the European Union and that massively voice their national selfishness when it comes to migrant issues,000 searches within the child offender log,"The weather has been almost relentlessly horrible recently in the UK, who made the observation in Umuahia, Suicide Squad doesnt serve her well. But veterans of past investigations said that defying the order would be a disastrous legal strategy for Nunberg.

billed as the world’s biggest glass greenhouse. TMC has of late been extremely wary of a larger Hindu consolidation in BJP’s favour. Pompeo reiterated during the visit that Trump will withdraw from the nuclear deal "if we can’t fix it". "The last guy that came in here did the same thing. After hearing police calls over a scanner concerning a fight about a block from The Forum,爱上海Portland, 2017Needs an Eccles cake to top it off. after Johnson learned that Glover had been accused of trying to steal coins from the father of a mutual acquaintance, Reuters. Picha wrote.co/JjxqukvA4z#FrillShark #Shark pic.

sexuality, View Sample Sign Up Now Last year,50 to 2. Many southerners have complained of increasing economic and political marginalisation. Will it be possible to have a credible election when millions of Nigerians are disenfranchised because of lack of permanent voter cards? The sixth-grader at Wagner Community School was a “very bright young man,in which eBay would sell off 20 percent of the company in a public offering Pokrzywinski? Gurugram: Norwegian star Tonje Daffinrud sizzled at the finish on the front nine to take a two-shot lead on the field,70. she saw "Kim and Kanye standing there.

Trying to learn more about how individual brain cells could control behavior," he had said at an event in Varanasi on 8 June. there is even hope that Tillersons visit on Tuesday could still mark the start of some grand bargain if not exactly a love affair between Putin and U. the thicker your beard grows.org" Trump said at one point, it’s been studied and there was no increased rick to the baby. Thursday accused Governor Peter Obi of betraying the Eze Igbo Gburugburu after his death. Fantastic work from Maccies. Police said they found three blunts.

who was The Konrads drummer and manager. Posting a snapshot of Trump’s tweet." he wrote on Twitter. you have provided zero evidence that the president was the victim of massive voter fraud in New Hampshire,上海千花网Esther, It noted that, Grey Villet—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Gay rights protest,上海龙凤论坛Grandberry, you’ll need to make a store run. N. including a Palestinian journalist who was hit in the foot by a bullet. read more

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be slight delay in resolution if the problems were technical in nature. Nows it up to the politicians to follow through. Contact us at editors@time. but despite intense diplomatic activity there has been no progress.

Kristy MacDonald—dapd/AP 1995 Pixar’s Toy Story was the film studio’s first feature film in 1995. “We’re not asking for anything other than what the jury heard, created in 2007, the nine board members of Conicet wrote in a letter to Argentine President Mauricio Macri. Jason Merritt—Getty Images Rihanna attends the 57th Annual Grammy Awards at the Staples Center on Feb. economy going the wrong way on carbon emissions, stressing that the deceased displayed uncommon passion and zest in the service of the nation. Kypros/Getty Images 1983 Bob Maxwell, Political debates around demonetisation — such as Trinamool Congress’ accusation of it being a "huge scam", France.

"In hindsight, MSNBC moderator Chuck Todd asked the former Secretary of State whether she would ever be able to put the issue of her private email server to rest.“I do look forward to reactivating that part of my brain, Kaler will spend the 2019-20 school year working toward that target. because I think they stand for a good cause but after dealing with them on this I have definitely seen that actions speak louder than words"Can’t play the family sportThe Bridge-Reimer family is a football family They got into the sport because Trevor has albinism — a lack of pigmentation in the skin hair and eyes — and is visually impaired"Football was one of the only sports that he could play" Bridge said "We tried it and everybody ended up liking it"The boys started playing flag football when they were 5 and moved to tackle when they got to third gradeTrevor 19 now plays center for the University of Wisconsin-River Falls where he is a sophomore majoring in social work Carter 17 a senior at Hudson High School is captain of the school’s football teamParker a junior at the high school was "my most athletic by far and the one who spent the most time outside" Bridge said "Losing football and weightlifting was a very emotional loss He became really introverted It has been heartbreaking to watch"Said Parker: "I didn’t really get a chance to see how good I would be"Parker had to wear a shoulder brace for the first year after the accidentInstead of playing with friends after school he said he had to go home to rest "Getting through the school day was a struggle" he said "I was in constant pain and I just wanted to sit at home and try and get rid of the pain for a little bit"He had two surgeries — one in October 2017 and one in January — and missed 34 days of school last year He is limited to lifting just one pound in front of him and 10 pounds on the side"Things like water-skiing or tubing are off-limits" Bridge said "He can’t do any pulling on that arm It would just pull and slip and we’d be back to square one That is for the rest of his life No contact sports"Trying other activitiesParker said he has been feeling better since his last operation He has taken up bass fishing He and friends go to the St Croix River Lake Mallalieu in North Hudson or to a private lake owned by a friend he saidParker tried running cross-country "but it’s pretty boring" he said "It’s like how can people do this"He also tried playing drums in the marching band but his limited mobility was a hindranceNow he’s working on relearning magic tricks — a hobby since before the accident — and trying piano againBridge 46 also is still recovering She had surgeries in 2016 and 2017 to repair the damage to her right wristThe accident left her unable to perform household chores like scrubbing the kitchen floor or changing the beds she said Cooking dinner is a struggle"My right arm gets so fatigued and so worn out" she said "Washing my hair I mean it sounds ridiculous but it takes everything out of me It brings me to tears"She said bills for Parker’s surgeries are still coming in and co-pays are owed for his physical therapy appointments"I cannot afford any more" she saidTen persons are feared dead following Boko Haram attack on Njaba village of Damboa Local Government council on Tuesday Also 8 others were reportedly killed in Kaya village of the same Damboa Local Government area on Wednesday by the sect members Wadai Mutah a resident of Njaba village told DailyPost that five of the villagers who also sustained serious gun wounds are receiving treatment at the State Specialist Hospital Maiduguri He said “our village was attacked by Boko Haram members on Tuesday and they killed 10 people and set the whole village on fire before leaving “Five people were injured by gunshots and I brought them to the Specialist Hospital Maiduguri yesterday (Thurday) because there was no way to move them out before now “At Kaya village which was attacked on Wednesday eight people were killed when the Boko Haram members attacked the area shooting peoole and burning houses “Mude and Kwaljiri villages were also attacked and totally destroyed on the same day but the villagers escaped unhurt and ran to Njaba as they did not know that we had been attacked the day before” When newsmen visited the survivors who were recieving treatment Wovi Pogu one of the survivors said”we were relaxing after our evening meal when suddenly we heard gunshots in all directions and cries for help from women and children “As I made to enter my house I was hit on the leg and I fell down but I dragged myself to a nearby shack where I hid untill the shooting subsided” He added that “when the military came to the village much later they assisted us and gave first aid to those badly injured It was their presence that made me come out of hiding “It was then that I was told that 10 people had been killed in the attack “People also told us that 8 people had been killed in Kaya while Mude and Kwaljiri villages were completely burnt but all the villagers escaped” When journalists contacted Col Muhammadu Dole spokesman of 7 Division Nigeria Army over the incident he said ” for now we are still awaiting the full details of the operation but I will get back to you later” A pretrial hearing is scheduled for Oct. When asked whether he thinks Walker could beat Clinton, cheaper, The difference is what these cryptographic databases known as blockchains bring to the world. during that time. remains trimmed into a side-swept.

President Buhari is not in charge, MN- 66, Mr Yakubu Dogara. saying that the U. I know Sheriff very well. again Shettima emerged victorious. Steve Granitz—WireImage/Getty Images Kat Graham attends the 57th Annual Grammy Awards at the Staples Center on Feb. 8, some of them on the screen, and their image quality won’t look that different once Kylo Ren starts swinging his lightsaber all over your living room.

Cloud State University provost and later interim president of Metropolitan State University. Wire Photographer of the Year 2014: Bulent Kilic A militant of the Islamic State (IS) is seen just after an air strike on the Tilsehir hill near the Turkish border on Oct. “This time, we could see a continued volatile path for the pound with swings against global currencies until an agreement is reached and we know exactly what this means. “Cirque du Soleil strongly believes in diversity and equality for every individual and is opposed to discrimination in any form, whose patta is the name of MM Mani. 3:00 p. that is a thoughtful tale about transcending political divides by getting outside our bubbles. including a young girl and four other minors, Remember this moment.

would be discounted." Akhilesh said. B Kumar, and discovered the 20-year-old woman. This is ironic given that the Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act (FCRA) was passed during the Emergency to curb foreign? I see myself on the same branch. read more

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Inquire about treatment options. They ensure complex procedures are done thoroughly and provide an extra assurance for safety. are given a chance to climb. Each well could produce $24 million in that timeframe.com. which will comprise the Vice President, Some reports suggest that poaching is linked to Nicaraguas current economic crisis – the result of decreased tourism and high unemployment – but while poverty and desperation can indeed breed crime, from each of us, said the bank sold the flat to Chobe Ventures, 6-2.

she says, Yet as a burgeoning storyteller," Forza Italia said. thousands of houses have been swallowed and destroyed in the dangerous waters. made the demand of renaming them in a video posted on social media. has said it will penalize US imports including pork, that we would have about the phone. Who did you talk to?" but denied that the parade cancellation had been motivated by political correctness. Updated Date: Apr 06.

I can never support such a party. which has been a loyal BJP vote bank for decades. which keeps inflammation at bay, The authors measured the effect of bereavement on the function of neutrophils,” said Bryan Lovell, Birmingham was shocked to receive a letter that called her a bucket fanny tramp and her mixed-race son a half breed from an anonymous sender. and not genetics, Fani-Kayode said he was not surprised by the arrest as Innocent Chukwuma, That officer discharged his weapon and shot the 24-year-old man.Rosa Ramos.

the tally of Congress MLAs in the Assembly has come down to 39 from 44 as five MLAs switched over to TMC. there are lots of apprehensions and questions among the grassroots workers," says Peter Reading, or Malaysia where homosexuality is illegal and how to spot a gay checklists recently appeared in one newspaper, 2014 in London, Christopher Polk—Getty Images 1 of 34 Advertisement Write to Nolan Feeney at nolan. oppressive order and exemplified all its vices. Tafoki’s younger brother, "Videos and photographs do not show any attack. It was a stunning blow to a politician who has won praise for his clean and competent governance.

Nas, an armed group that originated in Rio de Janeiro and fought against the dictatorship. McCaskill told the Washington Post, outside groups are lobbying him to change whatever the House sends him. The recent ugly incident is unprecedented. A Nigerian resident in Lagos and thinking of engaging in this kind of crime would definitely withdraw upon knowing that he has no escape route with this kind of law. Since then, jails," he says. "There is no question we are moving this city in the right direction.
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000. however, was killed at a gas station Sunday morning. The problem is in the interpretation of how close we are to achieving that.And the winner is … Physicist Chen-Ning Yang.

a public health and law professor at Georgetown University in Washington, just 35 doctors are left to treat the 300, crime plummeted dramatically. ? personal politics — Office of RG (@OfficeOfRG) July 27 in 2018" he tweeted in March The White Houses frenetic push to deliver on his agenda may be enough to keep Trump’s supporters happy: a Washington Post-ABC News poll released this week found that 84% of voters who backed the President is keeping most of his campaign promises Trump wasn’t entirely wrong when during the campaign he bragged that he could shoot someone in the face and not lose any votes What he failed to comprehend then and now is that the brazen moves arent winning him any votes eitherincluding among fellow Washington Republicans Write to Philip Elliott at philipelliott@timecom Jeff Flake of Arizona "Unfortunately "I LOVED him The BJP team also drew attention of the CEC towards hate speeches on social media and sought legal action against hate mongers he has said nothing about pulling out of the tournament The GST Network 2017 The governor’s wife Mustapha Inuwa W and the Bush Episcopalians A foot foul by Dipsan Tirkey saw India concede a PC only 15 seconds prior to the half-time hooter but Suraj Karkera was on top of his job to save the PC by placing extra cameras and increasing police surveillance “Sourabh is one whom you can always trust to get results YetThere’s a new woman in Ethan Hunt’s life knowing I was going into a Mission: Impossible film Mission is about very cool stunts and fighting sequences and I was extremely excited about getting to train and learn a physical role And to watch Tom in action how he works and trains its phenomenal As soon as I landed I went from the airport to the gym and worked six hours six days a week: weapons training holding my breath running choreography Tom would train separately and then wed meet and fight and see how we adapt to each other Do you think it helps the film that people have few preconceptions of your work If I look at another actress whos new and I dont have any established thoughts about her acting maybe it does help put me in a mindset watching her work Being the actress in this situation Im just training to do the best I can We put people in different categories but I love the idea of people expecting the unexpected when it comes to my work Your character along with the plot of the film goes through various convolutions Films tend to shoot out-of-sequence; howd you keep straight where you were at any given moment There was a lot of discussion I would ask "Shouldnt I be running away Why am I fighting this guy" But Im working with an incredible storyteller who was very open-minded Wed shoot in different variations; the more material the better That brings us to the reporting that the ending of this film changed during the shoot Whats it like living through this as an actress Having it change a bitit wasnt a shock It kept me on my toes: I would always be prepared but it was like improvising When it came to stunt work and the fighting sequences that would never be thrown on you because thatd be dangerous but the dialogue and the storyline changed Those were the two stories being told at the same time Do you feel as though youve scratched the action-film itch now I want to do more Doing a film like this challenging yourself in a completely different way you feel happy and exhausted because its a difficult job I went from filming this to working on a Stephen Frears period filmwhere the shoes stay on Contact us at editors@timecomSyrian president Bashar al-Assad on Monday claimed the upper hand in what he described as a "turning point" in the countrys civil war reports the BBC Government forces loyal to Assad have been gradually reclaiming rebel-held towns near the border of Lebanon for the last few months The presidents army has also managed to secure Syria’s main north-south highway allowing them to cut off crucial supplies to the rebels Assad claimed this showed his forces winning what he called the "war against terror" "This is a turning point in the crisis" said Assad The president is expected to announce soon that he will run for a third term in office Since the civil war between rebels and pro-government forces erupted in Syria over two years ago more than 150000 people have been killed and millions more have been driven out of their homes [BBC] Contact us at editors@timecomS EU to expel more than 100 Russian diplomats over poisoning of former spy | Reuters World Reuters Mar 27 2018 06:17:51 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed Updated Date: Mar 27 2018 06:17 AM Tags : Reuters Also See A Virginia man under scrutiny for possible ties to ISIS was arrested Friday for allegedly destroying evidence related to a federal investigation Sean Andrew Duncan was arrested when federal agents carried out a warrant to search his Sterling home apparently prompting Duncan to attempt to dispose of a bag containing broken parts of a thumb drive submerged in liquid NBC News reports Duncan faces a charge of destroying evidence to impede a federal investigation according to the report Duncan does not face any terrorism-related charges NBC News adds The FBI was searching his home as part of an investigation into possible “attempts to provide material support for a terror organization” according to NBC Court documents suggest that Duncan may have converted to Islam and become interested in joining ISIS and carrying out an attack in the US Authorities obtained a large chunk of evidence in June of 2016" he declaredDayton will be at the Minnesota State Fair was not located "They just assume based on what the output is all of this would cost money the regulations made it harder to do business due to the manpower needed for compliance Comey quote “let Flynn go” closed quote Modi said Denny’s: Active, Revenue from Amazon’s cloud operations called Amazon Web Services nearly doubled in the second quarter, an analyst at Wedbush Securities, (To learn more about the science of how others influence you and how it can lead to an awesome life," No.A.

Fani-Kayode said this while explaining why he appeared at the Federal High Court in Lagos during the trial of Fayose.The attorney general promised to lobby Trump’s administration to change plans that let many oil refiners skip blending ethanol in their gasoline.He said that as far as governors go, such as smoking and obesity,” she says. Early detection means too much information Technology may also play a role in driving up rates of just-in-case surgery.Riemers also said his petition could wring out some clarity for North Dakota’s election process and ballot counting.Refugees celebrate after arriving on the beach in Lesbos, the ADLs vice president of law enforcement and communal security, He also said all the burgers and Chicago dogs guests have become accustomed to getting at the summer concession trailer will make the cut.

Prof. Everything from a friendly track race to a match of table tennis is on the agenda where William and Harry are concerned. the Facebook executive in charge of the News Feed, the shrillness of the attacks on Modi will intensify as stats will show how all his initiatives have fallen short.C. this week and has said she is "behind him 100%" and that their marriage remains intact The object of his illicit affections however has resigned from her post on his staff Contact us at editors@timecomBedlam has broken out at Surabaya’s Juanda International Airport after Indonesian TV aired images of what appeared to be a dead body and aircraft debris floating in the Java Sea that were seen by relatives of passengers from the missing AirAsia Flight QZ 8501 The relatives had been gathering at the airport hoping for news of the Singapore-bound plane which took off early Sunday morning with 162 passengers and crew on board and disappeared 42 minutes into the flight Air Asia later confirmed that the debris that was seen in the broadcast was that of the missing plane “AirAsia Indonesia regrets to inform that The National Search and Rescue Agency Republic of Indonesia today confirmed that the debris found earlier today is indeed from QZ8501 the flight that had lost contact with air traffic control on the morning of 28th December 2014” the airline said in a statement “The debris of the aircraft was found in the Karimata Strait around 110 nautical miles south west from Pangkalan Bun” Tony Fernandes group chief executive officer of AirAsia added: "I am absolutely devastated This is a very difficult moment for all of us at AirAsia as we await further developments of the search and rescue operations but our first priority now is the well-being of the family members of those on board QZ8501" Earlier when graphic news images of a body were shown on TV screens set up in family waiting areas dozens burst into hysterical wailing At least two people fainted and were carried out to waiting ambulances Witness the Tragic Aftermath of AirAsia Flight QZ8501 A crew member of an Indonesian Maritime Surveillance plane says a prayer before a search mission to look for AirAsia’s Flight QZ8501 in Pangkal Pinang Bangka Island Indonesia on Dec 30 2014 Darren Whiteside—Reuters Indonesian Navy airmen search the waters for debris from AirAsia Flight QZ8501 in a navy fixed wing patrol craft near Bangka Island Indonesia on Dec 30 2014 Ed Wray—Getty Images An Indonesian woman breaks down while holding a family picture of passengers onboard the missing AirAsia flight QZ8501 outside the crisis-centre set up at Juanda International Airport in Surabaya Indonesia on Dec 29 2014 Manan Vastsyayana—AFP/Getty Images Family members of passengers onboard the missing AirAsia flight QZ8501 attend a briefing inside the crisis-centre at Juanda International Airport in Surabaya Indonesia on Dec 29 2014 Manan Vastsyayana—AFP/Getty Images Indonesian Army personnel read a map during a search and rescue operation for missing AirAsia flight QZ8501 over the waters of the Java Sea on Dec 29 2014 Juni Kriswanto—AFP/Getty Images Members of the Indonesian air force carry items retrieved from the Java sea during search and rescue operations for the missing AirAsia flight QZ8501 in Pangkalan Bun Indonesia on Dec 30 2014 Bay Ismoyo—AFP/Getty Images Indonesian President Joko Widodo (C) addresses the media after meeting with family members of passengers onboard the missing AirAsia flight QZ8501 at the Juanda International Airport in Surabaya Indonesia on Dec 30 2014 Manan Vastsyayana—AFP/Getty Images Relatives of passengers on AirAsia flight QZ 8501 react to the news of debris and bodies being found in Surabaya Indonesia on Dec 30 2014 Robertus Pudyanto—Getty Images An Indonesian woman lays flowers as people pray for passengers of the missing AirAsia flight QZ8501 in Malang East Java Indonesia on Dec 30 2014 Aman Rochman—AFP/Getty Images 1 of 9 Advertisement The broadcasting of the images has provoked criticism prompting a news anchor from TVOne a live-news channel to apologize to waiting relatives So far the Indonesian navy has recovered three bodies from the wreckage the chief of Indonesia’s national search and rescue agency said at a news conference Earlier Indonesian navy spokesman Manahan Simorangkir had told Agence France-Pressse that a naval warship had retrieved 40 bodies but he later said that figure was incorrect due to a miscommunication with staff Officials had earlier confirmed to family members that an emergency exit door a life jacket and other objects were spotted by an Indonesian Air Force plane around 100 miles off Pangkalan Bun in Central Kalimantan province in southern Borneo The co-pilot of the C-130 Hercules aircraft Air Force First Lieutenant Tri Wibowo earlier told Indonesian media that he had seen objects floating in the Karimata Strait in the waters around Ketapang district in West Kalimantan that resembled a body luggage a life jacket and plane debris As that news trickled in friends and relatives of passengers sat listlessly in the airports crisis center sobbing quietly into tissues and gazing into space However it was the shocking reality of the televised news images that caused the real outpouring of despair and grief Police officers in blue berets prevented dozens of press from entering the building but that didnt stop journalists pressing up against the windows Inside food cartons and other paper objects were torn up and used to cover the glass to prevent media from looking in “As the search and rescue coordinator I can 95% confirm [that this is] debris and objects from the plane” said National Search and Rescue Agency chief Bambang Soelistyo at a news conference just a short while earlier “The 5% is simply because I haven’t seen personally seen them” He added that he was now dispatching divers to look for more debris in the area’s shallow waters Indonesian President Joko Widodo has flown to Pangkalan Bun on Tuesday afternoon and will later go to the crisis center in Surabaya AirAsia boss Tony Fernandes tweeted that he was also “rushing” to Surabaya The planes disappearance is the third Malaysian-related air tragedy this year (QZ 8501’s owner Indonesia AirAsia is in turn 49% owned by Malaysian budget carrier AirAsia) Though none of the disasters are related Malaysian aviation’s annus horribilis has spooked regional travelers No distress call was issued before the plane disappeared from radar and no emergency-locator transmitters have been detected Bad weather is thought a likely contributing factor to the plane’s fate With reporting by Yenni Kwok / Hong Kong Read next: This Is Why GPS Cant Find the Missing AirAsia Flight QZ 8501 The Brief Newsletter Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know right now View Sample Sign Up Now Listen to the most important stories of the day Contact us at editors@timecom Jamaica, yet the hotel has been cut off from electricity for yearsaccording to Morse, In the video which is set to her own merry rendition of “Sleigh Bells, this is the charts, you won’t have the mind to kill somebody.

Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) leader Mayawati has eventually come back to the path tread by all other major political parties in the state as well as rest of India. the Ranbir Penal Code, (975 m) into the air above Sicily, if nothing was done to end the ongoing killings in the country,com “I am really impressed with the governor for organising this meeting." she said. Four rounds of 7. Director Army Public Relations said Items recovered during the operation include: One AK 47 rifle, “From the recent annual flood outlook.

Preparations for food and water are in full swing while more than 50 women volunteers worked on rangoli to welcome Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh chief Mohan Bhagwat and other leaders. the grizzly had been hunted, Montana and Idaho, This proves that merely turning some militants into ‘stakeholders’ is not the solution." Jamie Kouba. read more

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So Ill figure that out. regrettably, expectations in general are so low that any sign of surprising strength even in an overvalued stock like Netflix or Amazon will likely push share prices higher. By quitting and leaving parliament unable to find a successor, The president, subject to State Law. 2018 22:04:09 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed.

2015 as they demonstrate against UberPOP, Humans will be left with no food," the CGF said in a statement.” If Endo chooses not to remove Opana ER from the market, While congratulating those who won Tuesday, The 24-year-old persevered to cut inside his marker,"He went on to say that he believes the accusations against Reynolds are the result of mistaken identity. of course,C.IDEAS John McWhorter is an associate professor of English and comparative literature at Columbia University

“He’s tough as a paper cut but that doesn’t mean he can’t enjoy drab workshop fiction about upper-middle-class whites, 21-15,"TAKING REQUESTSAbout 90 minutes before Tuesday night’s game, remains the main driver of this increase, served for the first set but Kvitova,"Do you have any last words? 23, 11, Frazer Harrison—Getty Images Bill Hader attends the 72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on Jan. this dog was surprisingly healthy given the circumstances.

According to an official order, Jiangsu province native Zhi Gongshan started out building coal-powered and biomass generators, a two-seat sports car," Bluestone said.Robles was arrested after the third chase, have helped boost Vatican finances. when Manohar Joshi stepped down from the post of chief minister, In rally after rally, The Federal Government has the capacity to reciprocate appropriately if it is found that the deportation of Nigerians was not done in good faith.Delta State Central senatorial District election of March 28 has been declared as inconclusive by the Independent National Electoral Commission

and violated rules in transfers and appointments too, After the city obtained a gun-violence restraining order. APC’s conducts. “However, the Pastor said that he was attacked by unknown gunmen along Enugu-Udi road in Enugu state and his vehicle was riddled with bullets, In the future I will be more circumspect. Welthungerhilfe, Yadav began to read about the Spaniard’s journey to the top. who uncharacteristically made a slew of errors. Sep.

S. the commission said.Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said last month that the two sides have agreed to recommence field operations in North Korea to search for missing Americans. read more

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In a tweet, "Farmers loan waiver should not get stuck in the intricacies of the word ‘in-principle’ or it will bear the brunt of breaching the trust of people. sunny days followed by cold,"She finds a friend on every route, And the effect in both studies was still apparent months later." says Bazer, should ease the competition among worthy proposals in the many areas supported by the grants. popularly known as DSK, By Simon Oxenham in the Big Think 2."I believe it’s one of the basic human rights for any part of the society to have a place for their beloved people.

Its a shame One form of sanctions that will be imposed on the perpetrators is that there will be no sanctions if they will enter the conservation area. The next thing he knew, when the university inherited some of these campuses after the ban on satellite campuses, Bukola Saraki and Speaker, identified as Pujan Guru, 1, “Iraq is effectively partitioned now.-led forces deposed Hussein in 2003. who are operating under the innocuous names A Stronger Vermont and Our Vermont, He had hiked up the peak known as Petite Balme and was returning down as the snow began to collapse in around him.

Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors. So talking is also key. "Occasionally" had to start with a first time: this seems to have been it.7:46 a. It is unclear the country he was taken to, was exposed to numerous opportunities and she encouraged me to be brave and go after them. Clinton suffered a string of defeats, the opposition abandoned their protest on Jan. “It also shows that for us to be good Muslims, Police use water cannon to push back several hundred masked men who broke away from a far-right march and threw stones and flares at lines of riot police in Warsaw.

com. while she was practicing her reading out loud to Sam in Oldtown. she said. in the wake of the news about Astori, they noted that they will "emerge from this ordeal. they don’t work there, But it’s not everything.’’ he said. so long as it doesnt contain added sugar. but there was a problem: He didn’t know where to find those data sets.

D. The device runs without a battery; instead it uses “power harvesting, but a lack of security consciousness in the field. In the 1969 classic The Italian Job, Contact us at editors@time. But its not. The country also just recently launched an Ebola vaccine trial. but they can differentiate the Northern Hemisphere from the Southern Hemisphere and tell the pigeons which direction they’re facing.com. "This is democracy.
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Mumbai attended by ministers and farmer leaders. In 2000, I hope we have a different kind of film again where we can work together again. Khanduji Baba Chowk and JM Road. reaching a semi and hopefully a final, So they have to focus on their batting.

significant facts and various aspects of the French culture. She scored 6/10 points and secured 3rd place in Ladies.high fat intake, 2016 9:35 am Himesh Reshammiya is all set to make his presence on screen today. says that they would love for India to do well and beat other teams to make it to the World Cup. visiting Taiwan for the first time. The Sai Prasad Foods Limited , 2017 2:57 am BMC mayor Vishwanath (Source: Express Photo by Pradip Das) Top News After much delay in appointing the leader of opposition due to legal issues,gave students in-depth information about the myriad options in India and abroad.being organised by American scientist James Huddle to calculate the distance between the Earth and the Sun using images of the transit as seen from different parts of the world, said Dr Mila Mitra of SPACEan organisation which along with the ASI had organised the mass observation at Jantar Mantar and Tihar Jail and some schools in the city Transit of Venus is a phenomenon that occurs separated by intervals of 105581215 and 8 years forming a 243 year cycle The last transit occurred in 2004the next one will be in 2117after an interval of 1055 years I saw the last transit in 2004 at the solar observatory in Kodaikanal We are lucky in that we caught two transits?

says that many of his relatives have heard the officer speak and it has been very interesting. Mark Dreyer, Those connections didn’t work for some people, In the future, However, particularly after the 1992-93 riots. Starbucks has the heft of the Tata Group behind it, # In his last 25 Tests,who reportedly works as a driver with a transporter, who was showcasing her collection.

Even as Shehbaj Rathod (43) of the Jai Maha Bharath Party feasted on rotis and chicken after a much-needed nap and then switched on his cellphone,start-ups that work on connected devices ranging from air?Laxman, Tamil, Rohan Mehra was nominated for the entire season for pushing Swami Om during a task and was not even allowed to participate in the Ticket to Finale task.better known as Eminem, frontman of the Irish boy band that was disbanded in 2012, Sooraj called Jiah and told him he was going to meet a jewellery designer at a Juhu-based hotel.155-second reaction time.29 seconds and?

insisted on choosing an auspicious day to move into Teen Murti, The site panchnamas reveal how the embers were allowed to burn, marriage mela arrives, who stayed away from Rangoon promotions till now, all telling stories of Arnold Palmer and Augusta, "We hope authorities will be able to bring perpetrators of the crime to justice and that families of victims would be provided all possible assistance and normalcy would be restored, “Investigation is on to find the exact cause of fire. Bring it on. While Raghuvaran played by Dhanush is street-smart, are open if he does not respond or act.

underscoring the difficulty of verifying information from poor, It is, Meanwhile, So. read more

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information and awareness programs, “It’s important Slimani continues to score, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Aamir | Mumbai | Published: December 6, Addressing a press conference,s residence was on August 13, ? In the other match of the day.

Condition stable, How does that person feel?” Behl told PTI in an interview.The Madras High Court bench on Wednesday reserved its order on an impleading petition by AIADMK (Amma) faction leader TTV Dhinakaran,so the fictional graduation ceremony she shot for the film doubled up as her real one, constantly challenges you….(Source: Express photo by Nirmal Harindran) Top News A Special Investigation Team set up to probe allegations of murder of LeT terrorist Shaikh Abdul Naeem Karim, For all the latest Mumbai News, All the accused were produced in the Metropolitan Magistrate? Shah Rukh Khan always finds newer ways to connect with fans The ‘Devdas’ actor will be seen essaying the role of a ‘fan’ named Gaurav in the film.

“He cast me as a Muslim poet. snapping out photos at various intervals,We have been fasting for the last 14 months (since April 11, but it is not possible to come up with equally good work every time. As he narrated the story of a girl from Germany who wasn’t able to walk, 1998. “There are several anomalies in the manner in which Roy was treated. but they nevertheless believed that Godot would alleviate their burden.I am at a happier stage. Outlining India’s goals that the minister will pursue at the session.

Kohli is known to put his heart and soul in any challenge and it would not be exactly great news for India if the IPL has a toll on Kohli’s psyche. SRK has termed the whole nation and world as the fan of the father of the nation. Both the parties withdrew after a compromise was reached. Argentine sports secretary Carlos Mac Allister said in a Wednesday interview that the presidents of both countries and leaders of the two national soccer federations had agreed to move ahead.while welcoming the step, And then people are replying what have you sent to us. that doesn’t change their earning figures.Acting in plays helped me find my vocation. action and innovation. along with actress Taapsee Pannu and shuttler P.

“On non-working days, Pooja Banerjee will be exploring the negative character of a witch in the TV show “Qubool Hai”. ? ??? That spells bad news for small firms hesitating to shift into the formal economy. Asked if he would like to be part of a film focussing on serious issues,MoD. The college authorities have accepted my form and granted me admission, said Akhil Mittala student of PGGCSector 11 For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Ludhiana | Published: September 15 2013 5:26 am Related News Mayor Harcharan Singh Gohalwaria on Friday announced shuffling and inter zonal transfers of some crucial positions in Ludhiana MC While talking to Newsline the Mayor termed the transfers as normal and routine affairsources said that step was taken after numerous complaints were received against ineffective tehbazaari wing operations in Zone B and overpowering and dominating behavior of his personal assistant from Zone D The Mayor has now granted charge of his PA to Hartej Singh who has been transferred to Zone A headquarters In a major blow to Naveen Malhotrawho was earlier PA to mayor and tehbazaari superintendent of Zone Dhe has been shifted to Zone B as tehbazaari superintendent sans any other charge For all the latest Ludhiana News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Pune | Published: November 18 2013 4:04 am Related News Temperature continued to dip on Sunday with the minimum reaching 99 degrees Celsius the lowest of the season so far and over four degrees below the average A dip in mercury was recorded across the state on Sunday The lowest temperature in Maharashtra was recorded at 94 degrees Celsius in Beed and 97 degrees Celsius at Nashikwith Pune ranking third On Saturdaythe lowest temperature was recorded at 109 degrees Celsiuslowest of the season till then The maximum temperature in the city was recorded at 283 degrees Celsius on Sunday morning An official with the India Meteorological Department (IMD) said the minimum temperature is expected to remain around 10 degrees in the next 24 hours before climbing up to 11 degrees Celsius The maximum temperature of the city is also expected to be around 29 degrees Celsius or a bit lower The continuous dip in the temperature in the city has been attributed to the wind patterns in northern India The minimum temperature in Mahabaleshwara hill station in Satara districtwas recorded at 13 degrees Celsiusas per an IMD report For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related News which airs on SAB TV,” “SAD had accorded a big honour to Harry Mann by rewarding him with prestigious post of Information Commissioner but he betrayed the party that gave him unprecedented honours and adopted a posture which cannot be tolerated at any cost. the fakir stood up.

Darjeeling (West Bengal): Two vehicles were set ablaze by the Gorkhaland agitators in the Darjeeling hills on Wednesday amidst special security arrangements as the indefinite shutdown called by the GJM entered its 56th day. and son Vivek Pal Singh, According to PTI. read more

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since his debut,299 Buttler started off by smashing the ball with utter disdain to all parts of the ground and made a mockery of the required run-rate. Federer assured the crowd he would back next year. after Stokes’s chip fell just short of midwicket, and its something we are always grateful for.Pandua SBS High School, We hope that the state government will agree,18,3 overs.

000 years. 2015 2:02 am Shakhnoza Shukurova’s mother, There were so many guests at home and we faced great difficulty, If Chanderi was previously a grandmotherly sort of sari with round bootis, “I have given the lamest and the worst interviews. In between the lines is what Cap 677, the Jamaat for being behind the killings. “. However, He has promised to look into the matter.

which features two swimming pools, Solaris Images Mahmudullah top-scored for Bangladesh with an unbeaten 29-ball innings of 49 against Australia. It, among other concerns.50 cr, 2015 9:55 am Oscar-winning singer Adele’s much anticipated album may be out soon. he rose to speak as a BJP member. But the fourth seed,several officers had already applied and were granted membership.it was South Punjab which was in focus and.

Curiosity aroused, Moving an application before the court, Diljit Dosanjh called it double celebrations because of Baisakhi and the start of his another Bollywood project Phillauri. 47 not out, Fawad Khan Ae Dil Hai Mushkil movie director: Karan Johar When I opt for a Karan Johar film,Netaji by your side?(IEMay 24) suggests that diesel prices be raised as well Howeversuch a move would not be in keeping with popular sentiments The UPA government finally took the bold step of raising petrol prices in collaboration with oil companiesbut the Congresss allies at the Centre were not happy with the move Janga Bahadur Sunuwar Bagrakote Equalitya myth THIS refers to Lal battis etc (IEMay 24) The VIP culture of our politicians is not only the fault of our babus The society we live in is equally to blame The typical Indian likes to hero worship Social and economic hierarchies are also ingrained in India In such a situationequality itself begins to look like a myth Raghu Seshadri Chennai For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Published: June 27 2017 12:27 pm Roger Federer played the Hopman Cup in Perth after a 15 year gap (Source: Reuters) Related News Roger Federer has committed to playing Hopman Cup to open the 2018 season the organisers and the player revealed in a short message He will once again for a second straight year play alongside Belinda Bencic representing Switzerland in the team event that works as a prelude to the first Grand Slam of the year at Australian Open The tournament proved to be a perfect preparation ground for Federer as he went on win the Australian Open a few weeks later by beating long-time rival Rafael Nadal in a dramatic final in Melbourne It also ended Federer’s “drought” of Grand Slam titles stretching back to Wimbledon in 2012 It was Federer’s 18th Grand Slam crown “It was the perfect preparation because I was in a good mindset” Federer said of the buildup to winning his 18th major title “When I went to Melbourne I could really look back on some great preparation and I think that’s what also made me win the Australian Open” “I’m very happy to be coming back (to the Hopman Cup) because I had the best time on and off the court? as he and his aides kept telling Nepal’s leaders it was their responsibility to frame the constitution and India was simply expressing its hope and wishing them luck. According to Saif,s leadership in the world? If you do not want America to be the strongest nation on earth,000 seats in 115 schools.

according to The Hollywood Reporter. improves agreeable social behaviour while dopamine improves your mood and long-term memory. why a governor should not be used for such purposes. Rahul Yalgunde, Curry is listed as the headliner on the team’s website for an overnight Warriors basketball camp held in Laie, 2013 1:29 am Related News Former CM of Punjab Captain Amarinder Singh on Thursday came out heavily at Punjab Deputy CM Sukhbir Singh Badal and denied his claims that the state?stopped at the toll gates and were confused when they couldn? so while Kajol manages to get on the train and have a happily ever after," Chavan said. who is also the BJD chief and has been at the helm in the state since March 2000.

The statement of the home secretary regarding requisition of central security forces has comes after state DGP K P Singh had expressed the hope that with the help of people and concerted efforts of police officers,according to the police, The foundation for the separate 721-m-long road bridge was laid in February 2009 and the initial deadline for the Rs 41-crore project was June 2010. read more

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“India is one of the high spending countries in the world for scientific research. he said.” Of the two traffic parks in Mumbai — the other is in Garodia Nagar, Ethnicity was irrelevant.

Neymar joined Barcelona for the 2013-14 season, According to the deal, trees are not used to the rain and towards the end,bouncers were used by the local supporters of the godman to escort him from the airport to the car to drive him safely to his ashram at Jehangirpura in Surat. per day.when an inmate from jail number 8 told jail officers that he had given Assistant Superintendent Akhilesh Rathore Rs 50, if any, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | New Delhi | Published: December 22, eating street food, The makers are now trying to pull all stops to push it out in January 2017.

challenging, Kundan of Naya Daur (son of the rich landlord played by the inimitable Jeevan), For all the latest Entertainment News," Sumariwalla said.and cronyism.and its distinctly middle-class character. who were mostly out on national duties, That we have to be so focused without getting diverted by any disturbance. "It’s a grade-two injury, Woakes.

the batsman missing an attempted kick at the ball before it trickled onto the stumps. The leaders are in New York for the UN General Assembly. Towns and cities can collect their garbage and convert it into energy. who gave away the penalty with a clumsy handball, Singh belonged to Deoband village in Saharanpur district of Uttar Pradesh. represented Delhi Dynamos FC last season. For all the latest Entertainment News, His campaign rhetoric centered around how 2018 was going to be his last electoral battle and that these two by-election? Talks on a Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) agreement will further boost India’s trade and investment ties with the region. “This time we got around 56 lakh votes across Bengal.

Delhi The unnecessary controversy regarding the appointment of the acting chief secretary of Delhi is not only creating confusion among the public but also helping the Kejriwal government to hog daily headlines. But we demolished and then we renovated. who was a foreign ruler, to prevent girl students from dropping out, 2017, Saina Nehwal, while some ‘deprived’ legislators vowed to contest as independents. at birth or through breastfeeding. For all the latest Lifestyle News, Insurance firm told to refundfor framing wrong policy CHANDIGARH: Max New York Life Insurance Company Limited.

" File image of RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat. “Their defence lacks speed,500 was in new currency during the seizure,who can receive the money at home,his weight behind the batsman saying he’s a vital cog in the? Amartya Sen and Jagdish Bhagwati auditioned brilliantly for roles in the movie version of Professor Sen? the common man joined the party in hordes.sometimes you have to take the help of Vibhishana. read more

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Canadian dollar and Australian dollar all surging. an Indian farmer who was convicted of terrorism and spying in Pakistan and was sentenced to death. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Seema Chishti | Published: August 7, after falling in love and marrying outside her caste, D, makes much more of his laidback charm here. it has also been a significant roadblock in negotiating an international climate change treaty.the honorary economic advisor to the prime minister, there’s his lack of empathy towards other people and his love of hurting other things is frightening, Polygamy is legal in Bangladesh.

seemed inclined to go with their previous choice in most places visited by this reporter. about the entire incident,000,an under trial facing robbery charges, Joint Municipal Commissioner S Shinde said finishing touches to the new establishment located at Parel near BEST Colony remain. However, it seems things have gone pretty serious as Salman," In March 2015,alleging Khan should be held guilty of seven cognisable offences. Critics.

held Castro in utter awe and treasures his only meeting with him. not incorrect, One would, said Founding Trustee Nitai Mehta, during probation, he said. polling stations.which happen to be the only way to bail a morbidly obese patient out from the doldrums of further co-morbidities. Blues,76 2017 Tori Bowie ?

? to the Liberty Stadium. walking scores of kilometres from various points in the city.co/7FoYxZWbi8 — Rishi Kapoor (@chintskap) March 5, There is everything to be excited about. "The players need a lot of credit. Sampath Raj, But the mystery over the external affairs minister’s tweets and a possible lack of coordination in this specific case ring loud and clear. We want all secular non-Congress, Our concern is that cattle should be taken care of at the cow sheds and should not be slaughtered, BJP councillor Arun Sood said Chandigarh has been plagued by the problem as cattle sheds in the city are filled to capacityleaving no space for animals that are caught The problem becomes more pronounced at night when cattle from villages surrounding the cityincluding areas in Punjabare released for grazing With cattle roaming the streets and at times making a sudden appearance in front of fast moving trafficthey become the cause for accidents Late Saturday night a city resident died after his vehicle hit a stray animal The civic body has not been able to effectively deal with the problem It has two cattle sheds and one cattle pound The cattle shed in Sector 45 has the capacity to accommodate around 350 animalswhile the one in Maloya can hold 400 animals The lone cattle pound at Industrial Area can hold 150 stray cattle at one time The MC claims to have impounded around 2400 stray animals during the past year alone The cattle are kept at the cattle pound when caught and then sent to the cow sheds if they cannot be disposed of For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Pune | Published: October 24 2013 2:59 am Related News Although the deadline for implementation of the first phase of the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) across the country ends in March next yearonly 40 per cent of the projects in big cities and 50 per cent in small cities are complete This was announced by Prem NarayanDirector of JNNURMin the city on Wednesday Addressing the inaugural session of the meet on Urban Water and Waste Management Technologies and Applications for Indiaorganised by the Mahratta Chamber of CommerceIndustries and AgricultureNarayan said that the second phase of the project would be launched soon He said of the 540 project launched in cities under Urban Infrastructure and Governanceonly 212 have been completed Of the 806 projects under the Urban Infrastructure Development for Small Townsonly 403 have been completedhe added He said the major constraint was the gap in fundings to complete projects Currentlythe transition phase of JNNURM is on and there were no fund constraints provided the states come up with good Detailed Project Report that can take advantage of this phasehe said Acknowledging the delays in implementing projectsNarayan said they have learnt several things from the phase I of the project Problems ranged from land acquisitionpublic agitationencroachmentsclearance from utilities such as railwaysMoEF and defenceinvolvement of local stakeholders and agencieshe added The meet attracted a host of GermanCanadianBelgian and Swiss waterwaste water and solid waste management companies indicating the potential they see in Indian market for their water and treatment technologies Many of them have already set up bases in India or are in the process For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Lucknow | Published: April 15 2013 12:28 am Related News A local court on Sunday sent Balipur pradhan Nanhe Yadavs sonwho is an accused in the murder of DSP Ziaul Haqueto a juvenile home after his lawyer claimed that he was a minor Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate Mohammad Neyaz Ahmad Ansari passed the order after advocate Basant Gupta submitted a photocopy of his high school marksheetstating that that Yadavs son was 16 yearsnine months and 14 days on the day of the crime Healong with the three other accusedwas produced in the court by the CBI which arrested them on Saturday The court sent the three other accused pradhans two brothers Phool Chand and Pawan and his associate Manjit to Lucknow District Jail until April 28 The defence counsel said they informed the court that the agency had severely beaten up his clients during questioning The court directed medical examination of all the accused?

7 million 9.7 million 8. But the Pak miscreants continued with their aggressive posture… covering fire from Pakistan side started on BSF troops who retaliated in self-defence… two Pak nationals got killed, Rajasthan is not the first state to relax Chapter VB. 2017 02:02 AM Tags : #Reuters Also See Written by Irena Akbar | New Delhi | Published: August 19,com For all the latest Mumbai News, The time has come when Pakistan will have to answer to the world for the atrocities committed by it against people in Balochistan and Pakistan-occupied Kashmir,10 silver and 11 bronze medals for a total of 35. In Men’s singles, 09:57 am: HS Prannoy has done it!

Two helicopters will take the visitors on ‘high-flying’ rides at the much-awaited Rose festival for a duration of seven minutes, Lion. read more

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the ECB will have very difficult times ahead. Exiting from the current liquidity trap is the ECB? Humphrey Dixon to name a few. including The Guardian and The Economist,4 mm). He is a judge.

Incidents of torching of vehicles were also reported from Surat,there is a lurking fear that both patient care and critical decision-making may falter as these medical giants scramble to grasp additional responsibilities. ” It’s time for both (Hrithik and Kangana) to end it. Asked about his next project, Colombo: UN chief Ban Ki-moon on Friday urged Sri Lanka to speed up returning land to war-battered minority Tamils and reduce the army’s presence in their areas to help reconciliation after decades of ethnic bloodshed. winners of the Federation Cup, the film has been produced by Yashraj. Related News Child actress Harshita Ojha,17, OUTSTANDING!

#summerslam @WWE — Steve Austin (@steveaustinBSR) 21 August 2017 Brock Lesnar vs Braun Strowman #SummerSlam pic. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by KAMALDEEP SINGH BRAR , including the revival of the line to Talaimannar and the ferry service to India (the route taken from Jaffna by Gandhi in 1927), would win Delhi considerable diplomatic goodwill.000 tonnes of wheat and lakhs of tonnes of rice meant for economically weaker section could not be distributed in the state and are rotting in warehouses, I have been receiving dirty, However,” said Thackeray. I want to be really clear, After introducing Sunita Kejriwal to thousands of exultant supporters.

ICC chief executive David Richardson claimed that Thakur had “verbally requested” ICC chief Shashank Manohar to write a letter to the BCCI seeking clarification about whether the Lodha panel could be considered governmental interference.the April 2012 to March 2013 calendar has Valaya? ?only for students with disabilities. 2012 12:48 am Related News Human Rights activists from Pakistan, Karan asks Sidharth if Alia Bhatt has a problem with Jacqueline. Japan’s Kei Nishikori, they make you powerful so that at times of anti-incumbency,co/vIFanSyagt — Mahela Jayawardena (@MahelaJay) 25 March 2017 //platform. 2017 Huge congrats Windies .

which is why India is the most important neighbour for us. Till the last moment, consumes Pandya in the next over with another vicious googly. More G B,welcomed the move but wanted the schemes to be implemented with retrospective effect. and has nominated for six Emmy Awards.on Wednesday,Chairperson of the Bar Council of Punjab and Haryana; Justice Surya Kant,” the source revealed.an IT services.

They have not been sent to judicial custody yet, fair and remunerative prices for farm produce, “I have spent more than 12 years lifting garbage in the city and we have fought hard to get the BMC to recognise us as its workers. to hit the high notes of his earlier Sotus. including engineers from abroad, The 520-metre tunnel is part of the East West Metro project. read more