Criminal Lawyer Jason Doe Solves: The Case of the Presumed Gambler

first_imgThe court reconvened at exactly 2p.m. and Judge Trobe called the prosecution to recall the witness, Sam Monday back to the stand. Sam Monday returned to the witness stand was sworn in and Lt. Bono walked leisurely to the witness, and to the spectators surprise said, “That’s all I have no further questions for the witness,” and turning to the defense table, said, with a bit of sarcasm in his voice, “You may cross-examine the witness,” and strolled to the prosecution table.  Defense Counsel Jason Doe who seemed to be occupied with his thoughts moved towards the witness and with hesitation grinned at him, allowing the witness to readjust his position in the box. The lawyer hesitated for a couple of seconds and then allowed the momentary silence to sweep across the courtroom. Dramatically, he secured the spectators’ attention as sudden hush engaged the room. Perhaps it was deliberate as the lawyer kept his gaze on the witness in what anyone watching with extreme caution would have realized was a tactic of intimidation, the kind that bothered on surprise. Jason Doe knew it was a case based on circumstantial evidence. His only trump card would be to shake the recollections of the witness and the lawyer was prepared to burst the case wide open. And so as the courtroom held in silence, Jason Doe began his cross examination in a disguised consoling voice, that pretended it was interested in the welfare of his antagonist in the box. The crowd listened with keen attention when the lawyer asked the witness, “Your name is Sam Monday?” The question disarmed the witness and relaxing with a sense of expectation, said, “Yes.” There was an undertone murmur of surprise in among the spectators, as the lawyer hammered his question one after the other.“And you testified in court that you are a compulsive gambler?”The witness smiled and shifted in his position, and lowered his head briefly and lifted it to glance at the prosecution’s table as if he needed some reassurance of what was coming to him. There was a mild smile at the corner of his mouth when he said: “I have been gambling the greater of my life.”That was apparently what the lawyer had expected and so he gave his answer a momentary thought over, and repeated the question, “It is either yes or no,” but Lt. Bono was on his feet, “Your Honor, this line of questioning suggests that Counsel is employing a leading question with the intent to trap the witness since he may not be prepared for Counsel’s method of insinuating the possible…”“The Court is firmly aware of the procedure and therefore the prosecutor should let counsel exhaust his questions since the Court is cognizance of the method,” Judge Trobe interrupted, “on the issue of leading questions, the Court does not want to remind the prosecutor that he had the opportunity to let the witness tell the Court what he knew to be a fact.“Unless the prosecution finds it unreasonable to follow the trend of defense counsel’s questioning, he will have to raise his objections and leave the Court to act upon.”“Thank you, Your Honor,” the prosecutor said, “I wanted to make sure that the defense counsel does not employ some of his draconian methods and go fishing out information without proper foundation laid.”Judge Trobe said, “The Court cannot entertain any interruption from the prosecution except what the Court took pain to explain of which the prosecution is clearly aware.”“Thank you, Your Honor,” Lt. Bono said, and gave Jason Doe a side glance of his face. The lawyer did not show his annoyance but heard Judge Trobe’s instruction.“Counsel may continue with your cross-examination.”  Jason Doe, a little elated of the judge’s rebuke of the prosecution, said, “Thank you, Your Honor,” and turned swiftly to face the witness.“You told the court that you have been gambling much of your life?”“Yes.”“Anthony Dawson,” the lawyer said, “is your friend?”“Yes and no.”“He was your friend when he met you at the Lovers’ Inn the night of September 10?”“Yes and that was why I accepted his offer.”“And his offer was for you to drink on the house?”Smiling, the witness said, “Yes.”“When he said it was on the house, it meant simply that you could drink free?”“That’s exactly what he meant.”“And so you drank free?”“Yes.”The lawyer moved back to the defense table and pawed through some papers, and returning to the witness, said, “What question did you ask the defendant that you told the Court ‘his father would not get what he wanted in life’?”The witness again, hesitated and looking at the lawyer with brooding eyes, said, “I just figured something was wrong the way he came to the Inn.”“And so when you judged him by his appearance you knew something was wrong, did you not?”“You hit the nail right on the head.”The lawyer smiled.“Is it yes or no, Mr. Monday?”“It is yes.”“But until then you had no idea that something bad had happened to the decedent?”  He shifted once again in the witness stand, looked around him, folded his hands in front of him, and turned his head to stare at the judge’s bench. The witness hesitated, and then said, “Yes.” The lawyer went on a frontal attack, “Why did you hesitate in your answer Mr. Monday?”“I thought you wanted to trap me.”“Do you have any motive that you thought I would expose?”“I don’t want you to link me with the death of Mr. Dawson and I am also afraid that you could link me with anything that is missing from the house.”“Is there any way that anything could have been missing in the house?”“Well,” the witness said, “the man was a rich man and he could get his money stolen.”The courtroom echoed laughter at the witness answer, and the judge’s gavel sounded twice and calm was restored immediately.The lawyer went on the attack, nonetheless.“In your relationship with the defendant, did you at any other time request him to credit you money?”“Yes.”“How much was it?” “It is not part of this case.”Judge Trobe lowered her glasses on her nose, and said, “The witness will answer the question.”“It was US$750.00.”“How long now, since you received the money?”“Six months ago.”“When did he expect you to settle the payment? In other words when were you expected to pay the money?”“Five months ago.”“What did he tell you after you failed to pay the money in the sixth month?”In a voice that spectators had to struggle to hear him, the witness said, “He reported me to his father who threatened to send me to jail if I don’t pay the money.”“Was it not because you insulted him when he approached you on why you did not pay the money?”“I did not mean to insult him.”“But you insulted him?”“I did it out of anger.”“And you threatened him that you were not afraid to go to jail, did you not?”“I was just joking with him.”“Your joke was a threat and how you did not care about going to jail?”“These things happen,” the witness said, evading the question, but Jason  Doe kept the pressure on.“You visited the defendant on the night of September 10 and did not find him at home?”“Yes.”“Why did you hide in the closet when the decedent arrived?”“I was afraid that seeing me at his house could let him call the police.”The lawyer turned to the judge and smiled, and strolled back to the defense table. The defendant, with his eyes wet with tears glanced at the lawyer.The lawyer grinned and threw him a wink.Tears filled his eyes, and the lawyer torched his shoulder, and said, “It’s going to be fine.”The brief silence unsettled the witness in the stand, as he fidgeted with his hands and his empty gaze settled on the prosecution table.Judge Trobe moved swiftly to rescue the situation and realizing that there was no probable cause to hold the defendant and bound him for trial, she readjusted her dress.Gazing at defense counsel Jason Doe, she said, “It seems now apparent that the preliminary trial is come to its natural conclusion, for the case with too much circumstantial evidence has reached a point where the witness has found his testimony has tumbled in falsehood and innuendos.“In the search for justice for the decedent and his family, the Court has come to accept the reality that the chief witness had some motive and it is evidently clear that he had his own hands in the cookie jar, while he was testifying against an innocent man.“With what has happened so far, the Court will take an extreme action in which the witness who had presented himself as the good angel was involved as we have gathered through the brilliant performance of defense counsel Jason Doe.“The Court therefore has no moral ground to hold defendant Anthony Dawson, and the Court, as its honorable position is, to uphold justice for victims and their families, is releasing the defendant to the care of defense counsel Jason Doe while at the same time ordering Sam Monday detained and it so ordered.” The EndShare this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

LWSC Needs US$56M to Replace Damaged Pipeline

first_img– Advertisement – MD says this will restore running water to Central MonroviaHun Bu-Tulay, Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation (LWSC) managing director, said to restore active running water to the City of Monrovia, the entity has appealed for US$56 million to replace the damaged 36-inch, 21-kilometer transmission line at the Water Treatment Plant in White Plains, outside Monrovia.On a recent guided tour of the facilities with a team of journalists, Mr. Tulay said the lifespan design of the pipeline is ‘completely finished’ and as a result, residents will always face shortages of water supply, “because pressure from the pump has become weak.”He said the pipeline failed on the underside where the reinforcing rods had failed and the rebar has also resulted in steel plates. Tulay said that the failures resulted from the pipe’s internal pressure to the extent that no work was done on them when they occurred recently.Failed concrete sections being repaired by LWSC“We have determined that the failed section can be repaired and the repair work is now in progress. The work should be completed soon,” Tulay assured the public. However, he informed the public that the section of the pipeline that was damaged has been repaired and is pumping water to parts of Monrovia. He said to supply the entire city, the entity needs to replace the entire pipeline transmission.In one of his briefings to the Board and the Cabinet, Tulay informed them that the pre-stress concrete pipe portion of the transmission pipeline from White Plains to White Flower had outlived its lifespan of 50 years, as it was constructed in 1966.“As far back as 1985, the entity was advised to replace the two transmission mains—the 16 inches routed through Bushrod Island and the 36 inches routed through Johnsonville and Paynesville, because the lines were old and nearing the end of their designed life.Old LWSC pipelines that need to be replaced“The two transmission lines do not have sufficient capacity to supply the city’s water demand from White Plains,” adding: “On Friday, July 14, at about 3:30 a.m. the 36 inches pipelines that traverse through Johnsonville, Paynesville, Congo Town and Sinkor to Monrovia lost pressure. Most of what the pipe transverses is in the swamp, which has been a challenge, and the constant failure, because when you are pumping, and there is a power failure, there is usually a back pressure (surge pressure) and that sub pressure is three times of what you are pumping with.“If you are pumping with 90 PSI and abruptly the power goes off and then the back pressure is 270 PSI, that exceeds the design pressure of the pipe. It was designed for 150 PSI under normal condition, but…it can no longer stand the pressure.”During his media interactions, it was discovered that the section of the pipeline that failed, but was repaired in July 2016, had become faulty again, for the second time.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) LWSC MD, Hun Bu-Tulaylast_img read more

GLDA monitoring chicken shortage in Guyana

first_imgThe Guyana Livestock and Development Authority (GLDA) said that it has received reports of a shortage of chicken in the local market and is monitoring the situation.In a statement on its Facebook page, the Authority said based on their records, there has been a reduction in the number of cases of hatching eggs imported when compared to 2018, which perhaps could be attributed for the shortage.Additionally, some farmers have also been complaining of reduced growth rates and higher mortality, which may be attributed to the reduction of poultry meat on the market.“The major players in the sector were consulted and assured that the situation would be rectified during the week. This is based on the hatching and grow out time for the chickens. They have also assured that they are able to maintain supply to their major customers,” the statement noted.last_img read more

Road rage in Agua Dulce Neighbors suing to get right of way through Oasis Park

first_imgAGUA DULCE – In 1953, a woman who made a living raising chickens sued the owner of a property who gated off the road to her home. Today, a dispute for the same road easement that poultry farmer Laura Burke won in court more than 50 years ago is simmering between residents of a remote mountainous enclave along Briggs Road and the owner of a former mobile home park. And as the court battle heads toward a trial, proceedings are in the works at Metrolink to help the residents’ cause by allowing them an at-grade crossing into Oasis Park. A report to county Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich on whether the crossing would be safe is due back early this week. In the court battle, the attorney for Rancho Agua Dulce recently withdrew his motion to dismiss the residents’ lawsuit seeking road access. He did that after attorneys for the residents submitted documents to the court that include the 1954 judgment granting a road easement to Burke, a Briggs Road resident, and barring the then-owners of the property and their successors from “interfering with or obstructing in any way, the use of said easement.” The 1954 judgment could set a precedent for the current dispute between Briggs Road residents and Rancho Agua Dulce. “It’s subject to interpretation,” said Richard Marks, an attorney for the residents. “But I believe that it binds. … (It’s) something that a judge would certainly be interested in too, knowing that 53 years ago another judge found there was a prescriptive easement to Oasis Park.” A November trial has been scheduled in the case. Manny Fernandez, a co-owner of the park, said his attorney will re-file a motion to dismiss. “We are still confident that we’re going to win this case,” he said. “There’s no way that these people can prevail.” Residents of Briggs Road drove through Oasis Park for decades to get to Soledad Canyon Road. They have had to take a longer back route since August 2004, when the route through Oasis Park was closed off by new owner Rancho Agua Dulce. Burke, the poultry farmer from the 1950s, had been crossing through the property for decades until 1953, when the property owner put a metal post in the road and later a locked gate, according to her lawsuit. To gain a prescriptive easement to cross through Oasis Park, residents of Briggs Road need to prove that they crossed through before without permission. To meet the requirements of the law, Burke also had to prove that she crossed the property “adversely” to the interests of the property owner. But the legal terms have become more confrontational since then. While Burke’s lawsuit said that she crossed “openly and peaceably,” several Briggs Road residents now say in writing that they crossed the property in a “notorious” manner that was “hostile, adverse and under claim of right,” according to court documents. With the Metrolink report’s imminent release, the dispute shows no signs of getting less hostile in the coming weeks. alex.dobuzinskis@ (661) 257-5253 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more

Arnold seeks last-minute deal on bond measure

first_img Senators thought they were close to a deal last week until they saw the actual wording in a $48.8 billion borrowing plan advanced by Senate Democrats late Friday, Ackerman said. The plan failed early Saturday, falling three votes shy of the two-thirds majority needed to send it to the Assembly. Senate President Pro Tem Don Perata, D-Oakland, sent senators home in disgust, and an aide reiterated Sunday that Perata is so upset that he expects no reconsideration even today. But other legislative leaders were operating on the assumption Perata would allow another Senate vote if there is an agreement, particularly if the Assembly approves a plan. The Assembly was scheduled to convene at 2 p.m. today. Schwarzenegger and legislative leaders presume voters could still be asked to approve the massive borrowing plan on the June ballot, despite Secretary of State Bruce McPherson’s warning that the deadline expired Friday. McPherson spokeswoman Nghia Nguyen Demovic said election officials need that much time to provide legally required public notice of the bond measure, solicit pro and con arguments for voter pamphlets, print those pamphlets and mail them to 12 million households by May 16. To extend Friday’s deadline, she said Schwarzenegger and lawmakers would have to pass a law shortening the public review period and appropriating money to print a supplemental ballot. The state printer would then have to decide if printing a supplemental ballot is feasible. The extra cost and time would depend on how many pages would be required to explain the bond deal. Perata said Saturday lawmakers should admit defeat and focus on seeking voters’ approval for a borrowing plan in November. An Assembly-approved plan today would come too late for senators to give it any responsible consideration, he said at the time, echoing Republicans’ complaint about Senate Democrats’ last-minute proposal. Even if it is too late for voters’ June approval, aides said the governor and legislative leaders want a plan in place quickly for the November ballot, before they tackle the state budget and focus on winning re-election. The proposal by Senate Democrats was roughly $20 billion smaller than the $68 billion in debt originally sought by Schwarzenegger as part of a $222 billion, 10-year infrastructure renewal program. Perata had said Schwarzenegger and legislators missed their best chance to seize the momentum generated by the specter of a New Orleans-style collapse of the sodden levee system that protects millions of people and the water supply that sustains crops and two-thirds of the state’s residents as far south as Los Angeles. “This has been a persistent problem and I don’t think there is any doubt that the money … is there for this administration to fix those levees,” Perata warned early Saturday. “I don’t care how you stack it up, something goes wrong, somebody is going to be looking for somebody.” Perata and Republican lawmakers blamed Schwarzenegger for failing to lead on an issue the governor made the crux of his re-election campaign, one Perata said is vital to the state’s future. But Nuez said he is so committed to finding a compromise that he canceled his wedding reception Friday for about 200 guests at downtown Los Angeles’ private California Club. He and his wife, Maria, remarried in Maui in November, but delayed their reception until what they had thought would be a quiet time after the holidays. “Postponing a wedding reception is no small thing,” Nuez said. “We’re working hard. We’re obviously working hard.” 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MORECasino Insider: Here’s a look at San Manuel’s new high limit rooms, Asian restaurant “We’re in the sausage-making stage,” said Schwarzenegger’s press secretary, Margita Thompson. “It’s all in flux.” The biggest sticking point remained money for aboveground water storage, said Nuez and Ackerman. There was consensus that the state should borrow billions to pay for roads, schools, ports, mass transit, parks and levee repairs. Republicans want the package to also include a reservoir that Ackerman said doesn’t necessarily mean a huge new dam. But Nuez said the concept creates political problems for Democrats, many of whom oppose the environmental costs and question whether the state should be in the dam-building business. “That’s the one that brings Republicans to the table and the one that could drive Democrats away,” Nuez spokesman Steve Maviglio said. “We’re working to exorcise the devil from the details.” Republicans also are concerned that too much money would be spent on environmental protection and not enough on bricks and mortar, that environmental safeguards could slow construction of highways, levees, schools and other projects, and that too much mass transit money would flow to Los Angeles, Ackerman said. SACRAMENTO – Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger asked legislative leaders to meet with him today in a last-ditch effort to put the largest public works borrowing measure in California history before voters in June. Assembly Speaker Fabian Nuez, D-Los Angeles, was hoping for Assembly passage of a compromise today, in time to send a bond package to the Senate for final approval as the clock runs out for the June ballot. “I think the governor’s made some good progress today,” Senate Republican Leader Dick Ackerman, R-Tustin, said after speaking with Schwarzenegger on Sunday evening. “I think we’re getting a little closer than we were the other night” when a nearly $49 billion Senate Democratic plan failed along party lines. There was no agreement Sunday, though Schwarzenegger met for about three hours with Nuez and separately with Assembly GOP leaders. last_img read more


first_imgNaomh Colmcille CLGWeekly NotesNaomh Colmcille seniors were defeated on a 2-10 to 1-9 scoreline at St. Nauls on Saturday. The reserves excellent run continued on Saturday, with the team emerging victorious by 1-12 to 0-7 over St. Nauls, to record their third win in a row.The minors lost out at Letterkenny Gaels on Friday.The u14s match against Malin was called off due to the weather; it will now take place on Monday (22nd). The fixture scheduled for this week is at home against Urris on Wednesday (24th). Both games are at 7:00 pm.Training for u16s starts this Wednesday (24th) at 6:30 pm. New and previous players most welcome. There will be a short coaches meeting on Wednesday (24th) at 8:00 pm. All coaches are asked to attend.The u10s have a blitz in Burt on Saturday (27th) at 10:00 am; more details during the week.Naomh Colmcille has been asked to host a visiting team for the Feile Peile na nOg (for u14s) taking place in Derry from 28-30 June. This would involve local families hosting a minimum of two visiting players. If we have sufficient host families to look after the visiting club, Naomh Colmcille would participate in the Feile competition itself, and this would involve us playing the visiting club at Pairc Colmcille, and then other matches at Derry venues. If you are willing to act as a host family please contact Paul Callaghan (0876843608) as soon as possible.The Naomh Colmcille Cul Camp is due to take place on 8-12 July.You can now keep up to date with the latest club news on twitter: Go to and hit Follow. The club is again registered for the Sainsbury’s Active Kids scheme so please start collecting the vouchers on behalf of the club.Well done to Michael Lynch on winning the O’Doherty Cup with St. Columb’s recently.Training and Match ScheduleThe use of mouthguards for all underage players will be compulsory from this year onwards, and for all ages (including seniors) from next year. More details available at; and on the club website. Information here is correct at the time of compilation of the weekly notes. Check the Training Schedule section on the club website for latest updates on training for all age groups. The page will be updated regularly throughout the week. Updates also on the club’s Facebook page.Subscription of €2 per player (up to and including minors) per week for training. Please make sure you bring your full kit (shorts, track bottoms, boots, sports top/hoodie/coat, drink). Remember a mouth guard is needed for training sessions as well as matches.New players most welcome for all teams. Come along to the session scheduled below, or contact the team coach/manager (contact details on the training schedule section of the club website) for details.U8. Training continues Saturday 27th April at 11:00 am sharp for one hour. U10 girls can also come to this session.U10. Training continues Friday 26th April at 6:30 pm sharp for one hour.U12. Training continues Friday 26h April at 6:30 pm sharp for one hour.U14. Training continues on Sunday (28th April) at 1 pm sharp for one hourU16. Training starts on Wednesday (24th) at 6:30 pm sharp for one hourMinors. See Facebook page and website for training updates during the week.Seniors / Reserves. Training at the pitch on Tuesday (23rd) and Thursday (25th) at 7 pm sharp. The session will run for 1.5 hours. Next match is away to Carndonagh on Saturday (27th). Time TBC. See Facebook and website during the week for updates.Naomh Colmcille Weekly LottoThis week’s numbers were 1, 4, 11, 18, 22. Susan Gillespie, Isabelle Rodgers and John Lynch matched 3 numbers and win €25 each. The Club would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone for their continued support of the Lotto as it gives the club the essential means of continuing to give our local kids and adults the chance to avail of a great and healthy pastime.GAA: NAOMH COLMCILLE GAA CLUB NEWS – RESERVES RECORD THIRD STRAIGHT WIN was last modified: April 22nd, 2013 by BrendaShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:GAA: NAOMH COLMCILLE GAA CLUB NEWS – RESERVES RECORD THIRD STRAIGHT WINlast_img read more

Na Rossa: Sadness at passing of Jackie Bonner

first_imgThe club would like to extend its sincere condolences to Desmond and the family of Jackie Bonner, Derryhenny who sadly passed away last weekend.Jackie was a true Gael and a supporter of not just our senior team but right through the age grades. Their wasn’t a game that Jackie would miss when her son’s Eamon, Conor, Keelin and Mark would tog out in the black and white.A huge testament to Jackie and her family on the large attendance at both the wake and funeral.May she rest in peace.The lotto draw took place last Monday evening in the hall. Numbers drawn were 2,3,9 and 26. Their was no jackpot winner on the night. Two lucky dips receive €50 Liz & Jim Fintown and Ryan McCready Corr point.Na Rossa: Sadness at passing of Jackie Bonner was last modified: December 13th, 2016 by Chris McNultyShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Loris Karius’ Liverpool exit sanctioned, flop set for two-year loan deal

first_imgHe struggled on his return to action in pre-season, resulting in more criticism by some sections of the club’s support, and has since lost his place as first choice following the arrival of Alisson for £67m in the summer.Karius, who has kept 13 clean sheets in 29 Premier League appearances for Liverpool since joining from Mainz in a £4.7m transfer in 2016, has now been told he can leave Liverpool by boss Jurgen Klopp and it is understood that a two-year loan agreement with Besiktas is close to being finalised.Beskitas sold goalkeeper Fabri to Fulham before the start of the Premier League season and had also been eyeing Karius’ team-mate Simon Mignolet.Speaking about Alisson’s transfer, manager Jurgen Klopp said: “We simply identified another keeper, who is better, and signed him,” he told German publication Kicker.“I didn’t tell Karius what he wanted to hear, but how it is. The Champions League final had nothing to do with us getting Alisson. Even if he had won it and Alisson would have been on the market we would have still signed him“How the people reacted negatively to Karius after the final, tried to isolate him, almost made me not get Alisson and rather stick it out with Karius. But we had to be professional. Our job is to have the best players on every position,” adding the 25-year-old is at an age when keepers are always improving and that top players make mistakes. Loris Karius is on the verge of joining Besiktas on a two-year loan deal.The 25-year-old was Liverpool’s no.1 last season, but ended the 2017/18 campaign in calamity when he made two shocking mistakes in the 3-1 Champions League final defeat to Real Madrid. Two glaring errors lost Liverpool a shot at Champions League glory center_img 1last_img read more

Wales’ Nations League promotion hopes ended with Denmark defeat

first_img RANKED REVEALED ADVICE Ronaldo warned Lukaku how hard scoring goals in Serie A would be before Inter move Which teams do the best on Boxing Day in the Premier League era? Denmark are also guaranteed a play-off to qualify for Euro 2020, should they fail to reach the tournament during the regular qualifying process, while a youthful Wales side should be better for this experience when the qualifiers start in March.Bale returned after sitting out Wales’ October action and Denmark’s own talisman Christian Eriksen was also back after missing the last two games through injury.The Tottenham playmaker had scored both goals when Denmark beat Wales 2-0 in Aarhus in September and Denmark attempted to get their creative spark on the ball at every opportunity.Aaron Ramsey was deployed in a deeper role than he is accustomed for Wales and part of his brief was to monitor Eriksen’s forays forward. Wales’ hopes of earning promotion to the UEFA Nations League’s top tier were ended after losing 2-1 to Denmark at The Cardiff City Stadium.Nicolai Jorgensen’s goal gave the Danes the lead before Martin Braithwaite’s sublime volley two minutes from the end of the 90 seemingly put the contest to bed. Where Ancelotti ranks with every Premier League boss for trophies won huge blow Forbes list reveals how much Mayweather, Ronaldo and Messi earned this decade Latest Football News 4 Yussuf Poulsen raced onto Delaney’s pass for Jorgensen to slot the ball through the legs of Hennessey.Wales needed an instant second-half response and almost got it when Bale broke down the right and crossed with the outside of his foot.Brooks lifted the ball on the volley over Schmeichel and the crossbar, but the Bournemouth youngster was a handful whenever he was allowed to run at defenders.Bale almost equalised when his free-kick was brilliantly clawed away by Schmeichel and tempers threatened to boil over in the final moments after some poor challenges.There was even more late drama as Braithwaite and Bale struck inside a minute, but Denmark held on to clinch promotion and leave Wales in second spot ahead of the relegated Republic of Ireland. Not even Bale could guide Wales to victory 4 REVEALED 4 BEST OF Oxlade-Chamberlain suffers another setback as Klopp confirms serious injury The signs were ominous for Wales as Eriksen strode forward as early as the third minute to send a 25-yard drive whistling over the crossbar.Jens Stryger Larsen then went unchecked down the left and his over-hit cross almost embarrassed Wayne Hennessey in the Wales goal.But in what was proving a lively opening Wales settled and went close to scoring twice inside a minute.Paul Dummett, starting a competitive game for the first time nearly four-and-a-half years after making his debut, set up Bale for a 25-yard attempt that Schmeichel batted aside. Top nine Premier League free transfers of the decade Son ban confirmed as Tottenham fail with appeal to overturn red card Braithwaite’s volley was a moment of pure quality in what turned out to be the winning goal in the match MONEY But Gareth Bale’s instant response, sliding home his 31st international goal after rounding Denmark goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel, had the visitors hanging on at the end.Wales were not short of endeavour against opponents who had reached the last 16 of the World Cup in the summer, but even with the fit-again Bale in their ranks they often lacked the craft to worry the streetwise Danes.Taking out the 3-0 defeat to Slovakia in September, when an amateur team played because of a row over the squad’s commercial rights, Denmark have now conceded only twice in 12 games.It is that defensive durability on which Denmark build their game and why it is they, and not Wales, who will be joining the elite of European football. Wales had an even better chance moments later when Ramsey’s backheel allowed David Brooks to cross and James Chester headed wide from six yards out.Tom Lawrence saw his 20-yard effort deflected over by Andreas Christensen and Bale headed wide after Connor Roberts had stood up a cross to the far post.But Denmark were in the ascendancy before Dummett’s departure to injury allowed Chris Gunter to equal Neville Southall’s record of 92 Wales.Delaney had failed to connect with Martin Braithwaite’s inviting ball before Wales were exposed by a lightning counter-attack. 4 Gareth Bale and co. will stay in the second tier of the new competition no dice Every time Ally McCoist lost it on air in 2019, including funny XI reactions Denmark had just a bit too much for the youthful Welsh side last_img read more


first_imgMcHugh is congratulated by his team matesCarl McHugh’s looping header in the last minute earned Bradford a 1-0 win over Port Vale last night.And the Donegal man’s heroics had some significance for City – it was their fist win in 14 games.The three points also helped lift the Yorkshire side into 11th in the League One Table….and end Port Vale’s run of four and half hours without conceding a goal. McHugh’s header, from a corner, was greeted with mass celebrations among the 12,000 Bradord City fans at Valley Parade….and a few cheers in Lettermacaward too.The Donegal man Tweeted later: “Thanks for the messages, what a shift all the lads put in tonight. Fans were brilliant too and stuck with us.” McHUGH THE HERO AS LAST MINUTE HEADER ENDS 14-GAME RUT was last modified: February 19th, 2014 by John2Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:Bradford CityCarl McHughLettermacawardlast_img read more