Boeing aims to finish software fix to 737 Max in September

first_imgChicago: Boeing says it expects to finish work on updated flight-control software for the 737 Max in September, a sign that the troubled jet likely won’t be flying until late this year. The latest delay in fixing the Max came a day after the disclosure that government test pilots found a new technology flaw in the plane during a test on a flight simulator. The plane has been grounded since mid-March after two crashes that killed 346 people. Preliminary accident reports pointed to software that erroneously pointed the planes’ noses down and overpowered pilots’ efforts to regain control. Also Read – Treason case against Musharraf to be heard daily from October 24: CourtA Boeing official said Thursday that the company expects to submit the software update to the Federal Aviation Administration for approval “in the September timeframe.” The official spoke on condition of anonymity because Boeing has not publicly discussed timing of the update. Once Boeing submits its changes, the FAA is expected to take several weeks to analyze them, and airlines would need additional time to take their grounded Max jets out of storage and prepare them to fly again. Airlines were already lowering expectations for a quick return of the plane, which has been grounded since mid-March. Also Read – Turkey preparations for Syria offensive ‘completed’Southwest Airlines, the biggest operator of Max jets, announced Thursday that it has taken the plane out of its schedule for another month, through Oct. 1. Earlier this week, United Airlines pulled the plane from its schedule through early September. While Boeing engineers continue working on the plane’s software, company lawyers pushed Thursday to settle lawsuits brought by the families of dozens of passengers killed in the October crash of a Lion Air Max off the coast of Indonesia and the March crash of an Ethiopian Airlines Max near Addis Ababa. Boeing and the families of Lion Air Flight 610 victims agreed to mediation that could lead to early settlements. However, the families of some Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 passengers are resisting mediation. “There are many families here who will not want to participate in mediation until they know what Boeing knew, when they knew it, what they did about it, and what they’re going to do about it to prevent this kind of disaster from occurring again,” said Robert Clifford, a Chicago lawyer who filed lawsuits on behalf of nearly two dozen victims of the Ethiopian crash.last_img read more

I know you killed her Jury continues watching Garnier interrogation video

first_imgHALIFAX – Christopher Garnier sniffled as a police interrogator described how he allegedly treated Catherine Campbell’s body, using a compost bin to dump it in a wooded area, where it was found amid maggots days later.“You took her and put her in a God damn compost bin,” RCMP Cpl. Jody Allison said to Garnier during a taped police interview on Sept. 16, 2015, hours after the body of the off-duty police officer was found face down in thick brush near Halifax’s Macdonald Bridge.“That poor girl was left there like a piece of trash.”The Nova Scotia Supreme Court jury continued watching the 9.5-hour-long video Tuesday of the interview with Garnier, following his arrest in Campbell’s death on Sept. 16, 2015. There’s still roughly six hours left of the interrogation.Allison often referred to the evidence against Garnier during the interview, including a surveillance video of a man rolling a compost bin away from the McCully Street apartment in which she was allegedly killed.“I know you killed her. I already know that… I know what you did after you killed her. I know where you put her,” Allison said to Garnier, dressed in a T-shirt and pants.He referenced photos spread out chaotically on the table between them in an RCMP interview room with grey walls.“Those are maggots on her right there,” said Allison, showing Garnier an image.He repeatedly asked Garnier what happened inside the McCully apartment, and at one point slams his hand on the table numerous times.“There’s no doubt she was killed in the apartment, Chris. I saw blood right at the scene. Right in front of the pullout couch. That’s where she died, wasn’t it?” asked Allison.“Was she trying to have rough sex? Some people do like rough sex. And it just got to the point where it went a little too far? Is that what happened?”Garnier started to cry and replied: “I can’t.”Garnier has repeated throughout the first three hours and 45 minutes of the interview that he’s “not supposed to say anything.”In a portion of the tape played to the jury on Monday, Garnier said to Allison through tears: “I never wanted to hurt anybody.”The 30-year-old man has pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder and interfering with a dead body.The Crown alleges Garnier punched and strangled the Truro, N.S., constable inside the McCully apartment and dumped her body on a steep embankment near the bridge.Evidence presented at the trial has indicated Campbell was seen kissing and dancing with a man at a downtown bar who bar staff identified as Garnier before leaving with him in the early hours of Sept. 11, 2015.Last week, the defence put forth a hypothetical scenario suggesting Campbell died during a consensual sexual encounter after encouraging Garnier to choke her.Also Tuesday, the jury heard that Campbell’s blood was found inside the apartment.Dr. Gregory Litzenberger, an RCMP forensic DNA specialist, said he tested various swabs of blood found during a search of the McCully Street apartment and found blood on several areas of the flat — including on the TV, floor and stereo speaker — that matched Campbell’s DNA profile.Litzenberger said he tested a T-shirt found in a dumpster across the street from the apartment, and two blood stains matched Campbell’s DNA.He said Campbell’s fingernail clippings taken during an autopsy revealed Campbell’s blood, while another clipping showed both Campbell and Garnier’s DNA.“Most likely, the explanation would be that there was friction, such as scratching,” said Litzenberger when asked how another person’s DNA would end up on a fingernail.Litzenberger also said there was no semen found on Campbell or her underwear. The jury has heard that Garnier told Allison he did not remember having sex with Campbell.Also Tuesday, a former digital forensics analyst for the RCMP testified that he examined a computer that was seized as part of the investigation.Blair MacLellan said he checked its browser history and found searches related to Cipralex, an antidepressant.He said there were queries for Cipralex and alcohol, Cipralex and violence, and Cipralex and memory loss on Sept. 15, 2015 — days after the alleged murder.MacLellan said he was told to look for references to “Catherine Campbell” on the computer, but found none. The computer had one user with the name Garnier, he said.Follow (at)AlyThomson on Twitter.last_img read more

New affordable rental homes to be built in BC for families and

first_imgVANCOUVER, B.C. – With the current housing crisis, the Government plans to create more affordable housing in 42 communities as part of the Building BC: Community Housing Plan.The Province is providing a $1.9-billion investment over ten years, building 4,900 new mixed-income rental homes to address the current housing crisis by creating housing for growing families and seniors.“Years of inaction on the B.C. housing crisis left families struggling to get by and unable to get ahead,” said Premier John Horgan. “These new, affordable rental homes are an important step toward addressing the housing crisis and giving families in every part of the province a break from skyrocketing housing costs.” Building BC: Community Housing Fund, is building affordable rental homes for seniors, families and low- and middle-income earners, individual buildings will contain units that will house a range of income levels. Many projects are to include childcare and rentals for seniors will be deeply subsidized, there will be space for people on fixed incomes and low wage workers as well as middle-class families.“Through the Community Housing Fund, we are building housing so that growing families, aging seniors and low- to moderate-income individuals can afford homes in the communities they live and work in,” said Selina Robinson, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing. “These new homes will have life-changing impacts for people and communities right across the province.”The Government, through BC Housing, chose the first projects based on targeted clients and the impact the projects are expected to have in reducing housing needs yet the Peace Region was not included in the proposed building projects as seen on the proposal map VIEW HERE“This historic investment in the community housing sector is an investment in British Columbians struggling to find safe, secure and affordable housing,” said Jill Atkey, CEO, BC Non-Profit Housing Association. “Non-profit housing partners are hard at work turning these dollars into homes and are committed to ensuring that what is affordable in our sector today, will remain affordable for generations to come.”last_img read more

Number of displaced Afghans could surge if conflict continues warns UN expert

A United Nations envoy warned today that the number of internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Afghanistan could rise significantly if the conflict there continues at the current rate, adding to the multitude of Afghans that have already fled their homes. “There is potential for a significant increase in the number of internally displaced persons if the conflict continues at the present pace, and if returning refugees are unable to find durable solutions by returning to their homes or settling and integrating elsewhere,” said Ban Ki-moon’s Representative for the Human Rights of IDPs, Walter Kaelin, after a weeklong visit to Afghanistan. Mr. Kaelin condemned the Taliban’s “systematic disregard” for international humanitarian law, exposing civilian populations to high risks. At the same time, he stressed that counter-insurgency operations must avoid causing civilian casualties. He noted that armed conflict in Afghanistan is not only causing large numbers of civilian deaths, but also has trigged the displacement of tens of thousands of persons in the last year alone. “As a consequence, people lose their houses, livelihoods are destroyed, displaced children are deprived of their education, and families end up in misery,” stated Mr. Kaelin, who participated in a UN workshop on the protection of civilians during his visit. In addition to addressing the immediate humanitarian needs of the IDPs, he stressed that more must be done to prevent displacement and to protect and assist the displaced. “To facilitate durable solutions, the human rights of IDPs to physical security, to shelter and livelihoods must be respected,” he said, adding that resolving land disputes was also a major concern. Those fleeing the present fighting are adding to the 130,000 IDPs in the country’s south and south-west who are still living in temporary camps since they were displaced by drought and insecurity five or more years ago. There are also an unknown number of people displaced by human rights violations, inter-communal tensions or floods and other natural disasters. In addition, Mr. Kaelin warns of a real risk that refugees returning from neighbouring countries who are unable to return to their places of origin or find another solution may end up among the internally displaced without adequate shelter and access to livelihoods. He encouraged the Afghan Government and its neighbours to continue a voluntary and gradual approach to the return of the approximately three million Afghan nationals who remain in neighbouring countries, emphasizing that any joint plan of return must be based on a realistic assessment of Afghanistan’s capacity to absorb the returnees, to ensure that their basic needs for food, shelter and livelihoods are met, and to support long-term solutions. He also voiced hope that the Government and its partners would prepare a comprehensive survey on displacement in Afghanistan, the different categories of IDPs and their main needs, as well as a strategy to address the phenomenon. 20 August 2007A United Nations envoy warned today that the number of internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Afghanistan could rise significantly if the conflict there continues at the current rate, adding to the multitude of Afghans that have already fled their homes. read more

UN official condemns murder of two Iraqi journalists calling it extermination campaign

“I am horrified at the campaign of extermination being waged against journalists and media workers in Iraq,” Koïchiro Matsuura, director-general of the UN’s Education, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) said in a statement. “This campaign is jeopardizing efforts to rebuild the country as a democracy and I call on the authorities to spare no effort in seeking out and bringing to trial those responsible for crimes against media professionals,” he added.“It has become almost impossible for journalists to carry out their professional duties in Iraq and I call on the authorities to ensure better protection to media staff brave enough to risk their lives for their work.”Saed Mahdi Shalash, who worked for the Rayat Al Arab newspaper, was shot dead, along with his wife in their home in the west of Baghdad on 27 October. Raed Qaies, 29, who worked for radio stations Sawt Al Iraq and Somer Radio, was killed in southern Baghdad earlier this month.“These murderers clearly aim to deprive Iraqis of the basic human right of freedom of expression, which is fundamental to the exercise of all other rights and freedoms,” Mr. Matsuura said.According to the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ), Saed Mahdi Shalash is the 154th media worker killed in Iraq since the start of the war in 2003.UNESCO has a mandate to defend freedom of expression and press freedom, and Mr. Matsuura has issued frequent condemnations of the murder of journalists around the world. read more

UN mission strongly deplores deteriorating tensions in Sudans Darfur region

In a press release, the Mission said it remained “gravely concerned” about that apparent continued mobilization of both sides despite a temporary lull in the fighting, adding that UNAMID peacekeepers in East Darfur had “raised their levels of preparedness” and put in place “proactive response measures” to address any spike in requests for civilian protection.“UNAMID continues to exert around-the-clock efforts to mitigate the impact of fighting on the civilian population in the area,” the press release continued. “The Mission is ready to assist the Sudanese authorities in the ongoing evacuation of more than 50 injured tribesmen from both tribes to Khartoum for treatment.”In addition, the Mission explained it had also provided East Darfur State medical authorities with medicines and other surgical equipment which were in short supply. read more

Putin loyalists set to win Russian local elections

first_imgPRESIDENT VLADIMIR PUTIN’S loyalists swept to victory in most local election races held across Russia, early results showed Monday, while independent observers said the vote was marred by widespread fraud.The Central Election Commission’s results showed Kremlin-backed candidates and incumbent governors won all five gubernatorial races held Sunday. Putin’s United Russia party also dominated mayoral races and those for local legislatures held in 77 of Russia’s 83 regions.Observers from the independent monitoring organisation Golos recorded more than 1,000 violations nationwide, including voter roll irregularities and multiple voting.Anti-Putin protestsEvidence of election fraud at the parliamentary election last December triggered mass anti-Putin protests in Moscow, empowering marginalised opposition leaders. In response the Kremlin promised to ease stiff electoral laws and re-introduce elections for Russia’s 83 provincial governors.But once the protests abated, it introduced new restrictions such as requiring gubernatorial candidates to represent a party and have the endorsement of at least 5 percent of lawmakers in their regional legislatures, most of which are under Kremlin control.The Kremlin also moved quickly to appoint many new governors, in effect delaying direct elections in those regions for five more years.In one of Sunday’s most visible races, award-winning environmentalist and opposition leader Yevgeniya Chirikova came in second with 18 percent in the mayoral election in the Moscow suburb of Khimki against Kremlin-backed Oleg Shakhov, who got 48 percent, early results showed.Allegations of voting fraud Chirikova and her supporters alleged voting fraud, but she also proved unable to inspire younger voters or overcome the fears of older residents over her lack of executive experience. Turnout in the race was only 28 percent.Turnout was highest in the gubernatorial race in the Belgorod region, at 48 percent, while it was lowest in the race for the local legislature in Vladivostok, in the Far East, where only 8 percent of eligible voters cast their ballot.Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, who is also the chairman of the United Russia party, hailed the results.“Everyone was expecting the party’s fiasco after the December election,” he said. “But nothing of the kind happened, and we got this result in a completely different environment.”Read: Freed Pussy Riot rocker slams ‘strange game’ by authorities after release>last_img read more

Many of Cost Plus Sofas 23 stores to close in Ireland

first_imgUpdated 16.27“MANY” COST PLUS Sofa stores are set to close in Ireland following a decision by management to “completely restructure the business”.That’s the message you get if you try and visit the Cost Plus Sofa Irish website or call the helpline today.The furniture and bed store said in a statement that customer spending power has been significantly reduced in the recession, which “has created tough challenges for the company”.A “strategic review” is now being carried out that will determine which stores are set to closed and how many jobs will be lost.The company has said that all orders “made up to and including today will be fulfilled as per the existing agreements with its customers and deliveries will be made as close to scheduled lead times as possible” have tried to call many of the 23 Cost Plus Sofa outlets around the country to find out how many stores are set to close; which stores are set to close and how many jobs will be lost. However, every phone call is met with the same voicemail service that basically reads out the public notice below:Read: Up to 54 jobs lost as nine Xtra-vision stores to close in Republic>last_img read more

Internet Explorer 11 will pretend its Firefox

first_imgMicrosoft has figured out how to get websites to stop treating Internet Explorer like a second-class web browser: it’s going to disguise itself as Firefox. A simple tweak to the Internet Explorer 11 user agent string has been spotted, thanks to an early build of Windows Blue leaking to the web over the weekend.The switch takes place in the first segment of the string. Right after the Mozilla/5.0 you’ll notice IE 11.0. In Internet Explorer 10, the same space is occupied by compatible; MSIE 10.0. At the end of the string, Microsoft has also tacked on the like Gecko statement. It’s a subtle change, but it’s all that’s required to convince websites that Microsoft isn’t a browser that requires special treatment. If a website is sniffing user agents before serving up customized code, these tweaks essentially tell it “this is a Gecko-powered browser, like Mozilla Firefox.”At one point in time, IE needed this extra “help” in order to properly display sites that more standards-focused browsers could render with ease. Despite the fact that Microsoft has been working hard since Internet Explorer 9 to make its browser as standards-compliant as competitors like Firefox and Chrome, many website maintainers are still serving up different code to IE users.Microsoft’s motivation here seems very similar to what the company said prompted its decision to flip the switch on Flash browsing in Windows 8 recently. The goal is to deliver Internet Explorer users the best web experience possible, and if that means tweaking the user agent string in IE 11 slightly so that websites think the browser is more Firefox than IE, so be it. It’s not a change that end users will ever notice — unless, of course, it turns out that IE still can’t handle rendering  those sites as cleanly as Firefox and Chrome.last_img read more

Victorian taxi reform bill passed

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Victoria’s Premier Denis Napthine has denied accusations that he struck a deal with independent MP Geoff Shaw to change aspects of the state’s taxi reform legislation. Mr Shaw voiced concerns weeks back over the introduction of the reforms, specifically in relation to taxi operators in his electorate. Mr Shaw, who holds the balance of power in the government, told state parliament on June 12 that the reforms were unnecessary in Frankston because the service there was the best in the state. Despite this, Mr Shaw voted for the legislation the following day. The new laws were debated at a late-night sitting of the upper house on Tuesday, along with government amendments to raise the licence fee for outer-urban and regional areas to the level of the metro fee – from $17,000 to $22,000 a year, indexed at just less than the CPI. Special boundary protection of zones around Frankston and Dandenong was also introduced. Both amendments were those championed by Mr Shaw earlier this month. Two weeks ago Mr Shaw issued a statement calling on Public Transport Minister Terry Mulder to amend the laws, to include changing the zone boundaries around Frankston to give local operators protection from outsiders, as well as equalising licence fees between the metropolitan and outer-urban zones. The Premier hit back at critics accusing him of a backroom deal, saying the amendments were a result of lobbying from Coalition MPs urging protection for their local industries. “There were no assurances given to Geoff Shaw,” Dr Napthine said. “We don’t make promises or assurances, what we do do, is as a government listen to the community and respond to their concerns.” Labor accused the government of bowing to Mr Shaw’s demands and moved its own amendments to give similar protection to other major urban and regional centres, such as Geelong, Bendigo and Ballarat, but when it came to the vote, the Opposition’s amendments were disregarded. “The government has done a dirty deal with Geoff Shaw to secure his vote by offering preferential treatment to taxi operators in Dandenong, Frankston and Port Philip,” Acting Shadow Public Transport Minister Richard Wynne said following the vote. Mr Wynne described the Napthine Government’s legislation as “haphazard” and that it had been rushed through both houses of Parliament. “Mr Napthine has caved in to pressure from Mr Shaw and given privileged preferential treatment to operators in Mr Shaw’s electorate,” Mr Wynne said. “Hard working operators and drivers in regional areas have been completely excluded.” Mr Wynne added that the government had “failed to legislate for the benefit of all taxi drivers, owners and importantly customers”. “By accepting Labor’s amendments the Napthine Government would have treated all of these zones equally, not give special treatment to some and not others.” George Karayianidis, CEO of national taxi insurance provider Taxicare Australia, told Neos Kosmos that the passing of the laws confirmed that some licence – or ‘plate’ – holders as they’re known in the industry – would face hardship. “This means plate prices will drop and outside investor confidence will take a long time before they can trust that their asset is worth the money they will pay.” Speaking from interstate, Mr Karas said that in discussions with taxi operators outside Victoria, many were concerned that laws being introduced in Victoria will spread to other states. “They are in two minds whether to sell their plate or not, before it depreciates,” he said.last_img read more

Le plein de nouveautés pour les Logitech SqueezeBox

first_imgLe plein de nouveautés pour les Logitech SqueezeBoxLe nouveau logiciel Logitech permet à ses Squeezebox et à sa media station Revue de streamer de la vidéo, en plus de l’audio de base. La Squeezebox de Logitech, c’est un boitier WiFi qui permet d’écouter les radios internet ou vos mp3 préférés, sans être devant l’ordinateur. La nouveauté concerne le logiciel sur le PC, qui s’occupe de dénicher et d’envoyer les données à la Squeezebox, via WiFi. À lire aussiLogitech lance deux applications pour iOS Auparavant, ce logiciel s’appelait SlimServer, il change de nom pour Logitech Media Server. Celui-ci commence du coup directement à la version 7.7.0. Logitech s’approprie en fait progressivement les produits qu’il a achetés à l’américain Slim Devices. Cette transition corrige des bugs et apporte son lot de nouveauté, comme le support du DLNA (un standard de compatibilité). Le logiciel a de nouvelles possibilités, et permet désormais l’envoi de vidéos (*.AVI, *.DIVX, *. M4V, *.MKV, *.MPG, *.3GPP, *.MOV). Il supporte aussi désormais la Google TV, à l’aide de la Revue, un center qui se branche sur la télévision. Pour l’anecdote, savez-vous où est né Logitech ? À Apples ! (C’est une petite ville, en Suisse.)Le 9 novembre 2011 à 20:58 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

TV Time App Lets You Interact With Your Favorite Stars

first_img– download and follow me on the TV Time app & never miss your showsReact with other fans— loripetty (@loripetty) May 15, 2017TV Time launches today and is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play. A new app is on the way that could be a fun, useful supplement to your TV habit without spoiling your favorite shows. TV Time is a relaunch of the app Whipclip, which allowed users to share short clips of their favorite TV shows. It was a cool idea, and its users really liked it, but according to a press release, the new app will better reflect the way we watch TV now.What does that mean? Basically, they want to give fans a place to interact with each other and share reactions to their favorite shows without fear of spoilers. Since very few people watch TV as it airs anymore, it’s hard to feel like you’re experiencing your favorite show at the same time as anyone else. People love live-tweeting TV shows, including the actors on them. But unless you’re watching the show live as it airs, you don’t get to enjoy those tweets and reactions. And if you’re binging an entire series, you might avoid all fan communities for fear of spoilers.TV Time is hoping to solve that problem. With the new app, users will be able to make memes, GIFS, comments and even 15-second reaction videos for each episode of your favorite show. To help you avoid spoilers, you’ll only be able to view and contribute to discussions of episodes you’ve seen. Naturally, you can share anything you create to Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or whatever your social media site of choice is. Why create dank TV memes if you can’t inflict them on the unsuspecting public?App developer Antonio Pinto said in the press release, “We couldn’t be more excited to join [CEO Richard Rosenblatt] and the team and build on our utility with more features around social, TV talent and original content.”That’s the other potentially cool thing about the app. It will feature exclusive content from the stars of some of your favorite TV shows. For the launch, users will be able to see reactions from and interact with actors like Alexander Ludwig from Vikings or Lori Petty of Orange is the New Black. What kind of content can you expect from them? Well, there’s this Q&A from Ludwig. And Petty filmed this teaser for the app.last_img read more

Randy Savage documentary preview another ECW Exposed

first_img WWE NXT Results – 9/11/19 (Last episode before the USA Network move, Ripley vs. Baszler) WWE will be airing a preview of the new Randy Savage documentary on the WWE Network following RAW on Monday night. The documentary will be released on Tuesday.The WWE Network will also feature another episode of “ECW Exposed” with Paul Heyman and Joey Styles on Tuesday using additional footage filmed following last Monday’s special.Source:, WWE.comRecommended videosPowered by AnyClipRonda Rouseys Controversial Tweets Sponsored By WWEVideo Player is loading.Play VideoPauseUnmuteDuration 0:49/Current Time 0:05Loaded: 89.98%0:05Remaining Time -0:44 FullscreenUp NextThis is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window.Replay the list Google+ Videos Articles Twitter WhatsApp Adam Martin RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR WWE Rescheduling San Jose NXT Now Playing Up Next Ronda Rouseys Controversial Tweets Sponsored By WWE SPOILERS: 9/1 NXT UK TakeOver Cardiff Fallout TV Tapings to air on WWE Network Now Playing Up Nextcenter_img Seth Rollins Defends WWE On Two Separate Occasions Now Playing Up Next Roman Reigns is in Remission Pinterest Now Playing Up Next Is WWE Losing Its Audience? Ronda Rousey Miz and Mrs. Season One coming to the WWE Network Friday, September 20 Facebook Now Playing Up Nextlast_img read more

Goal line defense works out for Seahawks this time

first_imgFOXBOROUGH, Mass.  — This time, Seattle won it at the goal line. It certainly won’t make up for the Super Bowl loss two seasons back, but the Seahawks’ goal-line stand lifted them to a 31-24 victory over the New England Patriots on Sunday night.Tom Brady couldn’t connect with Rob Gronkowski on a fade pattern on fourth down as New England (7-2) failed four times from inside the 2 in the dying moments. “He was playing off me … pretty far, farther than usual,” Gronkowski said about safety Kam Chancellor. “You don’t usually see that. A fade, I had to go up to him and initiate a move. I just wanted get on top of his toes, that is what you are taught. I just got up on his toes too much.”It was reminiscent of how the Seahawks (6-2-1) lost the 2015 Super Bowl when Malcolm Butler intercepted at the goal line to win the NFL title for the Patriots.“When it got down to it, when you get a chance to win a game on the 1-yard line , there ain’t nothing like it in football,” said coach Pete Carroll, whose Seahawks worked on defending that exact play at the end of Friday’s practice. “It’s one of the great challenges that a team and a defense gets. And our guys just came through, and hung in there, and just fought for every inch and let us walk away with the win.”last_img read more

311 The Offspring Continue Trek Across US Cover Each Others Songs

first_imgNews In celebration of the tour, and in a nostalgic twist of role-reversal, the two bands recorded covers of each other’s classics, with the Offspring doing their own rendition of “Down” and 311 taking a stab at “Self Esteem.” The results give fans of both bands a surreal trip to an alternate musical universe and two more reasons to catch the Never-Ending Summer Tour.Before the tour began, the Recording Academy caught up with Nick Hexum of 311 and Noodles of the Offspring, going behind the scenes in the place they both call home, Los Angeles.In the latest episode of On Location, Nick Hexum, the guitarist of 311, and Noodles, the guitarist of the Offspring, talk with host and singer-songwriter Charlie Tavers while touring of the City of Angels. NETWORK ERRORCannot Contact ServerRELOAD YOUR SCREEN OR TRY SELECTING A DIFFERENT VIDEO Jul 18, 2018 – 7:41 pm Take The ‘On Location’ Tour Of Los Angeles “For me it’s always been about a combination of being outside and creativity,” Hexum says in the episode. “I still, being in the music business, like to be in a city, so L.A. is perfect, you can have kind of both lives.”Noodles and Travers visit the International Surfing Museum in Huntington Beach during the episode, where he explains that it used to be Safari Sam’s, a music club where the local bands would jam out. He shares how punk rock and surf and skate culture go hand in hand.”Punk rock is about breaking the rules. All rock and roll, really, is about breaking the rules,” Noodles says. The ’90s alt-rockers close out their summer tour together, release covers of each other’s hits, and share some of their favorite things about Los AngelesAna YglesiasGRAMMYs Aug 16, 2018 – 5:30 pm 311 and the Offspring, two of the ’90s biggest alt-rock hitmakers, joined forces earlier to keep the dream alive with their Never-Ending Summer Tour, which closes out in September and features Gym Class Heroes as support. 311 & The Offspring Continue Trek Across US, Cover Each Other’s Songs You can listen to 311 and the Offspring covers above, and catch the rest of their tour in a city near you. Visit Ticketmaster for more info on the tour.Catching Up On Music News Powered By The Recording Academy Just Got Easier. Have A Google Home Device? “Talk To GRAMMYs”Read morecenter_img Facebook 311 & Offspring Continue Tour, Cover Other’s Hits 311-offspring-continue-trek-across-us-cover-each-others-songs Email Twitter last_img read more

CES 2019 opens to a flying car a boxing robot and a

first_imgCES 2019 on Tuesday officially opened its doors (after two days of major pre-announcements and ramp-ups), as tens of thousands of attendees clogged Las Vegas’s roadways or rode the monorail (What’s it called?!) to attend one of the many show venues around town. In fact, it’s not just the Las Vegas Convention Center anymore: CES now has large outposts at the Sands Convention Center (Tech West) and the Aria (Tech South), not to mention countless hotel suites and pop-up venues throughout the city. Miss the early part of the week? Catch up here:Sunday CES highlights: CES 2019 is here: A cleaner litter box, the Bread Bot and more early highlightsMonday CES highlights: LG’s rollable TV wows and a car walks as CES 2019 prepares to openAs for Tuesday, here are the highlights: The Honor View 20 has a lovely backside.  Jessica Dolcourt PhonesThe Honor View 20 is a gorgeous powerful phone with a 48-megapixel rear camera that uses AI technology to create a detailed shot. Sorry, BlackBerry fans (yes, I know you’re still out there), you won’t see any 5G BlackBerries this year.bellthing123The Bell Nexus air taxi could fly you to work. CNET Things that goMercedes-Benz managed to close part of the Las Vegas Strip to give us a ride in its autonomous Vision Urbanetic concept car. Mercedes also announced a 2020 version of its CLA-Class with more tech and a swoopier design.BMW showed a riderless motorcycle with a spin in the convention center parking lot.I have a CES soft spot for anything that flies so the Bell Nexus air taxi is high (get it?) on my CES must-see list. It’s a concept design for a hybrid electric air taxi with seats for five and huge rotors that will lift it into the air. A first flight is scheduled for 2020. More from CES CES 2019 is here: A cleaner litter box, a Bread Bot and more early highlights LG’s rollable TV wows and a car walks as CES 2019 prepares to open The weirdest, wackiest products from CES 2019 2 Huawei Honor View 20 Now playing: Watch this: Gadgets Smart Home TVs Car Tech Laptops Computers Phones Light Bulbs Automobiles Concept Cars More amazing stuffGoogle came to CES believing “go big or go home.” The search giant announced a ton of new integrations and features for its Google Assistant. The company also had a massive pavilion to showcase its wares and an interactive ride that’s “part ride, part marketing stunt.” (It’s hard to explain so watch the video.)09-lg-booth-massive-curve-of-natureLG’s OLED waterfall is pretty. Sarah Tew/CNET After LG’s rollable TV, more TV coolness came today in the form of LG’s OLED waterfall.IBM unveiled the Global High-Resolution Atmospheric Forecasting System (GRAF), a new global weather forecasting system designed to provide more accurate and timely forecasts around the world. It updates every hour and provides forecasts for smaller, more specific areas.This story originally posted January 8 at 7:10 p.m. PST.CES 2019: See all of CNET’s coverage of the year’s biggest tech show.CES schedule: It’s six days of jam-packed events. Here’s what to expect. Smart homePhilips Hue announced a new weatherproof motion sensor for your front porch and three new lighting fixtures, two of which can change colors.When you forget your keys, enter your home by using the face-scanning Elecpro US:E lock instead. alienware-area-51m-08Officially Alienware’s Area 51m laptop doesn’t exist. (Just kidding.) Sarah Tew/CNET PCsLenovo’s Yoga S940 supports Amazon Alexa and Microsoft Cortana voice assistants, and has an Intel eighth-gen Core i7 processor and a built-in infrared (IR) camera that lets you sign in with facial recognition.Dell says its new Alienware Area-51m laptop is “the world’s most powerful gaming laptop.” It’s a monster with a 17-inch screen, eight-core processors, 2.5Gbit Ethernet and 64GB of RAM. Join us on Google’s small world-style theme park ride… Health techVerde’s treadmill gives you a workout and generates electricity for your smart home at the same time.Forget battling a punching bag, the BotBoxer is a boxing robot with sensors that adapt to your stance and coach you through your workout. Mentioned Above Huawei Honor View 20 (midnight black) See itcenter_img $437 CNET may get a commission from retail offers. All the cool new gadgets at CES 2019 4:29 CES Products Dell Google IBM Intel Lenovo LG Philips Share your voice Tags Review • Honor View 20: The first standout phone of 2019 85 Photos CES 2019 Commentslast_img read more

Iditapod Wrapping up from Nome

first_imgAlaska Public Media’s reporter on the Iditarod Trail, Zachariah Hughes, talks from Nome about the scene there as race finishers mush into town, and KNOM interviews with third-place finisher Mitch Seavey shed some light on his race, including a tough trail along the Bering Sea coast and becoming better friends with Joar Leifseth Ulsom (the new champ!) and runner-up Nicolas Petit. Plus, we go rapid-fire with questions about how fast the dogs run, trail mail and the Burled Arch.last_img

TxDOT To Close I10 Near Downtown Houston This Weekend

first_img Share 00:00 /00:52 To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: Listen X – / 3The closure is such a big deal that TxDOT has put up signs from San Antonio to Beaumont. Starting tonight, I-10 will be closed in both directions from I-45 to U.S. 59.TxDOT’s Danny Perez says they have to totally close the road so crews can tear down the old Elysian Viaduct which is being rebuilt.“We look at different options to see if we can close one side and close the other,” says Perez. “And in this case it’s just safer to get that road completely closed, demolish the bridge, and then we can open up those roads.”The Elysian Viaduct is a four-lane elevated roadway that runs about a mile-and-a-half, carrying traffic from Houston’s northside into downtown Houston. It crosses over I-10 near Hardy Street. TxDOT is now replacing the aging structure and has started demolition. The new Elysian Viaduct is expected to be finished in a couple of years.While the I-10 mainlanes are closed, drivers headed eastbound will be detoured to I-45 southbound to U.S. 59 northbound and back to eastbound I-10. If you going westbound, you’ll be detoured to U.S. 59 southbound to I-45 northbound, and then back to westbound 10 from there.Even if you’re not getting on the mainlanes, TxDOT says you’ll need to plan your route carefully if you’re going to be in the area.“Probably with this project we’re going to have over 20 closures including ramps, street closures,” adds Perez. “We’re going to try to minimize impacts into the surrounding area.”The I-10 closure starts at 8 p.m., Friday night and the road is expected to reopen by 5 a.m., Monday. The work was originally scheduled for the weekend Harvey’s floods hit.last_img read more

Game of Thrones Villain Making the Leap to Inhumans Villain

first_img Marvel’s Inhumans series is set to premiere in September and we haven’t heard much about it besides basic premise details. But now we’ve finally gotten word of the first confirmed cast member.Iwan Rheon, who recently had a rough time with some dogs on Game of Thrones, has been cast in Marvel’s Inhumans drama“Iwan’s ability to be charming, roguish and still completely unexpectedly dangerous were all the different sides we needed to bring the character to life. We’re thrilled to have him on board,” Marvel TV head Jeph Loeb said.The transition makes sense, especially now that Rheon isn’t tied to Game of Thrones anymore (spoilers?). The actor played Ramsay Bolton for four seasons, straddling the line between comically sadistic, especially in those earlier seasons, and just normal, uncomfortable sadistic. Ramsay is a one-note bad guy, only focusing on how far he’d go to be evil, and Rheon was able to give him more dimension.(The clip below is NSFW).The thinking is that Rheon will bring the same ambiguity and complexity to Maximus, who will most likely function as the series’ villain. In the comics, Maximus is an inhuman who tries multiple times to stage a coup against Black Bolt, his brother, and the rest of the Royal Family. Like his brother, he is also incredibly powerful, possessing mind powers that allow him to control others. He’s also an extremely smart inventor, giving him multiple avenues to try and bring down the king.“Maximus is a complex character. Likable, charming, tragic and villainous all in the same moment, and I’m very excited to have someone of Iwan’s considerable talent,” said Scott Buck, who is writing and executive producing the show.We’re excited too. Ramsay might’ve been a boring villain in the grand scheme of the Game of Thrones universe, but Rheon has a lot of range. We first fell in love with him as the awkward Simon Bellamy in Misfits, where he transformed from a socially uncomfortable teen to a dashing, confident hero.Inhumans is a new live-action series from Marvel based on Black Bolt and the Royal Family. The twist here is that Marvel is teaming up with IMAX to distribute the first two episodes in theaters for two weeks in September 2017. The episodes will then air on ABC. Stay on target MCU News: Sebastian Stan Happy He’s Not Cap, a Possible Title Leak & MoreMCU News: Tantalizing Black Panther Teases, a Look at Captain Marvel & More last_img read more

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first_imgNews | November 27, 2008 FiatLux Imaging to Showcase Advanced Portable 3D Visualization on Philips CliniScape November 20, 2008 – FiatLux Imaging and Philips FIMI plan to demonstrate at RSNA 2008 the benefits of 3D imaging at the point-of-care using FiatLux Visualize on the Philips CliniScape mobile clinical assistant (MCA).Developed by Philips in cooperation with the Intel Digital Health Group, the MCA meets the growing demand for clinical data access at the patient bedside and throughout the hospital.Running on the Philips CliniScape MCA, FiatLux Visualize aims to provide clinicians with high-quality, advanced image reformations wherever needed, whether in the emergency room (ER), an outpatient clinic or at the patient bedside. It also delivers the flexibility of anywhere, any time 3D imaging workflow.For more information: FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrint分享last_img read more