Giants vs Patriots part two Super Bowl XLVI h

first_imgGiants vs. Patriots, part two. Super Bowl XLVI has arrived, and the game, while a rematchof the one played in Glendale four years ago, is set to bea good one.Our staff is fairly divided on who is going to win thisgame because, frankly, it’s a really tough one to call.But we tried.What is your prediction? Do you completely disagree withany of our staff’s predictions and why? AdamGreenMy head says Giants because of their defensive line andexplosive wide receivers, while my heart says there’s noway Tom Brady and Bill Belichick lose another Super Bowl. I’m going with my heart.Though this game will be similar to the one played fouryears ago in Glendale, the Patriots bring a pair of tightends to this game that the Giants simply will be unable tostop. Rob Gronkowski — one leg and all — dominates the Giants,and he proves to be the difference.Final Score: Patriots 20, Giants 17 Top Stories What an MLB source said about the D-backs’ trade haul for Greinke Vince MarottaThe Patriots have won 10 straight, but the Giants arerolling right now too, and it’s hard for me to pickagainst them. The New York pass rush is fierce, ranking3rd in the league during the regular season and they’veracked up 20 sacks during their current 5-game winningstreak. The Patriots o-line has done a nice jobprotecting Brady, allowing just one sack this postseason,but I think the Giants’ pass rush is too good. And let’sface it, Eli Manning is an elite big-game quarterback whodoesn’t blink in pressure situations. This will be agreat game – not quite as good as Super Bowl 42 here inGlendale, but the outcome will be similar.Final Score: Giants 23, Patriots 21 Tyler BassettEli keeps pace with Tom with his own weaponry on theoutside and the Giants DL gets to Brady enough timescreate a mistake or two. Final Score: Giants 30, Patriots 24 0 Comments   Share   Dave BurnsYou know in the movies when, right before impending doom,a character will say “It’s quiet in here….too quiet.” Ifeel the same way about this game. Just about everybodythinks the Giants will win, and frankly so do I; easily infact. So why do I suspect impending doom? I’ll stick withthe Giants. Can’t see that Patriots secondary slowing downEli and that trio of wide receivers. I can see the Giantspass rush getting to Tom Brady. Final Score: Giants 34, Patriots 24 Cardinals expect improving Murphy to contribute right away Nevada officials reach out to D-backs on potential relocationcenter_img Katy HartleyBrady throws a bomb in the 4th quarter to win it for thePats. Better defense wins this game since we are lookingat two of the league’s worst for the regular season. Patswill force more turnovers.Final Score: Patriots 34, Giants 28 Daria Del CollianoThis game is all about revenge, whether either team willadmit it or not. I think in the end, it will be a closegame with the superior quarterback coming out on top.Sorry, Eli. This is Brady’s time to shine. The Giantsended the season hot and it seems hard to pick against ateam that has the momentum on their side. But even thoughthe Pats’ defense has been cause for concern, I thinkthey’ll find a way to stop Eli when it counts to set thestage for Brady and a dramatic conclusion to a tight,hard-fought contest. I’m envisioning a late bomb fromBrady being the deciding factor in this year’s Super Bowl. Final Score: Patriots 27, Giants 20 Kyndra de St. AubinKey to the game is the Giants pass rush. Osi Umenyora, Justin Tuck and Jason Pierre-Paul. Thosethree have combined for 30 1/2 of the Giants 48 sacks thisseason. Tom Brady has a “slide” step that allows him to buy moretime to find his receiver. If they pressure Brady and takethat step away…it forces Brady to rush and makemistakes. The Giants did a lot of this in their last SBmeeting. Another key to the Giants winning…that coincides withthe Giants pass rush…is the health of Patriots TE RobGronkowski. If he is not healthy…that will take NE outof their 2-TE, 3-WR sets. Having a solid TE as an outletfor Brady would help when feeling the pressure from theGiants pass rushers.According to ESPN Stats & Info…the Giants sacked QBs 34times when rushing 4 or fewer defenders. That is 2nd ONLYto the Eagles. The Giants HAVE to get to the QB to be successful. Whenthe rush does NOT get there…they have given up 3,195yards…that’s 4th most in football. Final Score: Giants 34, Patriots 28 D-backs president Derrick Hall: Franchise ‘still focused on Arizona’ Doug FranzTom Brady would be motivated if this game was at theArctic Circle against the Alaskan all-stars. There’s adifferent motivation for Sunday. For the first time inyears, Brady’s entering a post-season game thinking hedoesn’t deserve it. Brady knows his team carried him tothe Super Bowl. He was as brilliant as always through theseason but he was terrible in the AFC ConferenceChampionship game. He will put on a performance for theages.Eli Manning was as great as any of the legends of theposition against SF. Although the numbers don’t back thatstatement up, the film does. He won’t be a slouch,either.The coaches are two of the best, the players areunbelievably talented and the organizations are competingwith the Steelers as being the best run teams in theleague. The deciding factor will be miniscule: it’s themindset. The Giants came to Glendale with something toprove and they did. The Patriots came to Glendale withsomething to protect, and they didn’t. Everything haschanged in this game. The Giants feel over-confident tome. I think they believe it’s the same as Super Bowl 42.It won’t be.Final Score: Patriots 27, Giants 20 Carter NackeWelcome to Manning vs. Brady, Part Deux. These two willdecide the Super Bowl. Defense will be a factor, but thetop NFL team will rest on the backs of Tom and Eli. AndI’m giving the win to New England, because Brady willoutplay Manning. Final Score: Patriots 20, Giants 13 John GambadoroBrady knocked out on first play of game by vicious sack byJustin Tuck and doesn’t return. Brian Hoyer knocked out onsecond play by Pierre-Paul and Ryan Mallett hands off therest of the game without throwing a pass. Eli throws forfour touchdown passes and 385 yards, Ahmad Bradshaw goesfor 115 rushing and two touchdowns. Final Score: Giants 42, Patriots 0 Paul CalvisiPaulie Pigskin: By my count, Bill Belichick has actuallysmiled. Not once, but at least twice. In fact, CoachCatatonic even cracked a joke upon arrival in Indy.Really?! What does the Hooded-One know that we don’t?Paulie Pigskin predicts Belichick will be sporting aperma-grin after the Super Bowl as well. Final Score: Patriots 45, Giants 17last_img read more